DIY Printable Monster Valentines

FREE printable DIY monster valentines

Samantha is pretty opinionated (that actually might be the understatement of the millennium). She is very specific about her likes and dislikes, which makes something like finding valentines that suit her a little tricky. She likes things that are cute, but at the same time she has no interest in giving any of the boys in her class something lovey dovey that might give them the wrong idea (because, ew). Continue reading

Bad Ass Babes | Why Emma Watson is a Great Role Model for Girls

Bad Ass Babes is a monthly series that features women who have gone out into the universe and made it a better, more interesting place. These are the women who make the world go ’round. The women that our daughters need to know about and hear about and learn from.

Emma Watson is pretty much the epitome of Bad Ass Babe. Not only is she a talented actress that I’m happy to see my girls look up to, but she has also chosen to use her voice to speak out for a cause she feels strongly about: feminism.

Let’s start from the beginning…

Emma Watson role model | Hermione Granger

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Local Love | Time to Kiln

indoor activities for kids in Westchester: Time to Kiln studioI was mindlessly scrolling Facebook the other day (as one does when one is avoiding being productive), when I came across a local mom group post about Time to Kiln, a paint-your-own pottery place in northern Westchester.

Since the girls and I have never checked it out before and we were looking down the business end of a cold, gray, three-day January weekend, what better time to try it? I texted some friends, set up a surprise play date, and off we went. Continue reading

Anxiety Is My Archnemesis

anxiety is my archnemesis

Anxiety is a bitch.

Sometimes I feel it grab hold of me. It starts by clinging to my ankle and slowly but surely climbs me like some wind-worn mountaineer making its way to the top. I want to swat at it, to tell it to back up off me because ain’t nobody got time for this. But, before I know it, it’s clutching my throat. Once its icy, Voldemort-like fingers are pressed there, making breathing an arduous task, I know the real struggle has begun. It’s much harder to shake the feeling of constant panic once it’s reached this level. Continue reading

Treat Yo Self | LOVE GOODLY Box

Hey girl. Treat Yo Self is a series (inspired by my beloved Parks and Rec) that focuses on inexpensive indulgences that make you feel good without feeling guilty. Because when momma’s not happy, nobody is happy.

love goodly box

OK, today’s #TREATYOSELF feature could not get any better because you’re not only treating yourself, but it’s cruelty free, socially conscious and helps out a charity partner. WHAT?! Continue reading