School Picture Day Rebellion

school picture day rebellion

Today was school picture day for the girls. I took what I consider a totally non-traditional approach to the whole thing. I think the technical term for it would be the Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That Shit Approach. It’s kind of my signature approach lately. I’m thinking of getting it trademarked.

I think it started with a text I got from another momma alerting me to the insane price gouging on the photo packages (which reminded me of this hilarious meme I shared on Facebook a couple of weeks ago). School picture prices are totally out of control—especially when I can guarantee that at least one out of two daughters will have no interest in being fake happy for a stranger.

But, maybe even more importantly, how much worth am I actually going to assign to a stuffy, sure-to-be-awkward photo five years from now? Sure, it might be giggle worthy. But will it really tell me anything about my daughter’s personality when a stranger combs her hair the way he or she sees fit and then spends roughly ten seconds with her before moving on to the next kid in line?

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Introducing Westchester with Kids!

It’s been awfully quiet around here. I just realized yesterday that I never made an official announcement as to why. I’ve mentioned it in the newsletter and on Facebook and Instagram, but I never published a post here about what I’ve been up to.

You may have noticed that a lot of my content this past summer focused on local adventures with my girls. These sorts of posts made it easy for me to work while spending the majority of my time hanging out with my two favorite mini humans. While that was great for me and for my family, it wasn’t exactly great for this website.

My readers are sprinkled all over the world and many of them continue to check back because they enjoy reading honest, humorous posts about motherhood. They don’t particularly care about the hidden gems in my neighborhood, unless I’m mentioning them while discussing something far more universally relatable.

Still, I like writing about our adventures and I like supporting local businesses. And local people reached out to tell me they liked reading about it. So, I decided to do what all totally sane, not already crazy busy and overwhelmed people decide to do: run another website.

Westchester with Kids

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LittleMissMatched Project Sock Design Contest

It’s no secret that my daring fashionistas are big fans of LittleMissMatched. They go wild over the fun clothes, but the real winner in our house is always the socks. They are a staple over here. In case you’re not familiar with LittleMissMatched socks (um, get on it!), they come in sets of three and none of them are perfect matches. This is a huge deal in our house!

Well, I have something that might be an even bigger deal:

LittleMissMatched Project Sock Design Contest

The LittleMissMatched  Project Sock Design Contest is back!

Kids can submit their own sock design to win a cash prize and—possibly even more exciting—be a part of LittleMissMatched’s Spring 2017 Line! This contest encourages kids to allow their creative spirits to come alive and create whatever want—no limitations.

If your kid thinks he/she has what it takes to “think outside the socks” (I know mine do!), get them started!

To enter, kids should:

A panel of judges selected by the LittleMissMatched team will pick 24 semi-finalists. Their entries will be uploaded to an online voting gallery for everyone and anyone to vote on their fan favorites!

There will be three winners:

  • First prize wins a $500 cash prize and 10 packs of his or her sock designs.
  • Second and third prize winners will receive $250 cash and 5 packs of their winning sock designs, which will also be a part of LittleMissMatched’s 2017 collection.

For more information (including how to enter via Instagram), visit the LittleMissMatched Project Sock page.

PS If you want to learn a little bit about last year’s winner, Westchester’s own Tori S (pictured above), head over to Westchester with Kids for an interview with her!
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If I Hear “Locker Room Talk” One More Time…

the 2016 presidential election and our girls

For the first time, my ten year old is really interested in the presidential election. She’s asking more questions, trying to figure out how everything works, and she’s been begging to watch a debate to see and understand things for herself. This girl has always been a sponge, so it comes as no surprise that she wants to soak things up for herself. But this time, it makes me so sad. I usually encourage her to go out and ask questions and find out as much information as she can. I cannot do that with good conscience in this election.

I couldn’t let her watch the debate because I was terrified of what she would hear.
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Liberty Science Center Giveaway

Liberty Science Center with kids

The girls and I (and Samantha’s BFF) took a trip down to New Jersey this weekend to have some fun at Liberty Science Center. We had a blast the last time we were there and were expecting nothing less than an amazing time. While that’s usually a recipe for disaster, I’m happy to report that Liberty Science Center totally delivered.

I was shocked (again) at how much there is to do there. While the girls spent a fair amount of time climbing around the Infinity Climber and checking out Infection Connection like they did last time, this experience was completely different.

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