DIY | Graphic T-Shirt

Last week’s post on handmade graphic t-shirts that talk to you sent me down a rabbit hole. A deep, dark hole of really important thinking. I became obsessed with trying to decide what would print on a t-shirt if I was making one myself. As Queen of the realm of Indecisiveness and Over Thinking, this took up quite a bit of my time.

Then Ellie and I were in the car running errands when a familiar beat started pumping on the radio. Ellie immediately sat up a little taller before squealing “Momma, it’s our song!” As she sang the chorus (the only part she recognizes or pays any attention to), the deal was immediately sealed. Iggy Azalea #forthewin.

We stopped at Michaels on the way home and bought some iron-on letters in a collegiate font because it made me laugh. Hard.

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I’m Spent.

dont just be good to othersvia A Siren Song

From the time I was very young, I’ve had this complex where I feel the need to save people. It’s almost a physical need, like food and water and air. I can’t turn away. And it’s exhausting.

This trait is absolutely connected to the fact that when I was in fifth grade my father was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I spent the next four years watching him deteriorate while trying to will him into recovery. It didn’t work. Cancer is sort of a bitch that way. But aside from leaving me fatherless, the experience also left me with a faint feeling of failure and an unshakable desire to save the wounded. Continue reading

The Princess and the Pea (part one)

I’m trying something new today. It’s different and a little bit weird, but so am I so I decided it’s ok. ;)

I used to write short stories regularly, but life happened and I stopped. Lately I’ve been reading more and missing creating my own little worlds, so I decided to do something about it.

This little story (a reimagined version of The Princess and the Pea) is my first stab at short story writing since college. I’m rusty, but it feels good…

Princess and the Pea: the queen

illustration by Michele Frechette

Once upon a time there was a prince who was handsome in the quirky sort of way that all the ladies love. Slightly goofy, he had a knowing smile and eyes that twinkled brightly with mischief.

Tired of dating princesses with a portfolio full of duck-lipped selfies, he decided to try to find the lady of his dreams on a new dating site called R Date (“Where royals meet, mingle and marry!”). Much to the disappointment of his parents—who were eager to get him out of the castle basement and have a grandchild or two to brag to their friends about—the prince was still unattached.

In fact, his mother was currently harping on it rather relentlessly over the royal dinner table. The sound of rain pelting against the castle windows at a regular beat only served to enforce her drill sergeant-like demeanor. There was a lot of pacing and stern facial expressions accompanied with emphatic arm movements as she went on about royal bloodlines and “the way things were done.” He wondered if an eye roll would end the conversation more quickly or result in a prolonged discussion with a lecture on proper princely etiquette tacked on. Continue reading

Handmade Graphic Tees

graphic tshirts: talking teesGraphic tees with messages on them have slowly been picking up steam for a while now. From Zoe Karssen’s $160 Crème de la Crème sweatshirt (no, that’s totally not a typo. A sweatshirt that costs almost as much as my car payment) to Forever 21’s $14 Hola tee, they’re pretty much everywhere.

Some of them are obnoxious. Some of them I couldn’t possibly wear in front of my children (well, at least the one who can read). Some of them are blatant rip offs of earlier (usually better) versions.

Still, I’m kind of obsessed. The best part is that they’re being styled in so many different ways. Of course these guys would look good with jeans or a pair of cut offs, but they also look pretty awesome tucked into a flowy skirt or peeking out underneath a blazer and some dress pants.

Obviously not all of them work for everyone. You have to find one that speaks to you—ha! Get it?!

OK, I’ll be quiet now.

I decided to spend waaaaay too much time poking around handmade corners of the internet and picking out some of my very favorite talking t-shirts. For some reason most of them are gray. But you know what? I’m totally cool with that.

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