Paperback Posse | November’s Book Club Vote

Last month I couldn’t believe it was time to pick another book already. This month I can’t believe it’s taken this long! Most of us seem to have plowed through October’s book (Big Little Lies) and were left hanging for half a month or so as we anxiously awaited the next book (and our Big Little Lies discussion).

While you have to wait another week for our discussion (which I’ll post here next Friday and slowly trickle the questions through the Facebook group starting Friday as well), I do have the vote together for November’s pick!

This month I did things a little differently and chose all books that were suggested by the group. I tried to make sure they were easily available through the library and in paperback since our last book was neither (which meant moving Reunion by Hannah Pittard to my list of books to consider for the future).

Hopefully this month’s pick goes over as well as the last two have. I’m at least happy with how nicely their covers work with each other…

November virtual book club picks #paperbackposse

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Etsy Finds | Handmade Knitwear

It got cold this week and most of me is really upset about it. I can already feel my hands starting to crack and I’m pretty sure I can hear the trickling of my bank account as the oil kicks our heating system into gear.

But there is a part of me that’s kind of OK with this cold business. That’s the part of me who likes the idea of smelling fall spices baking in the oven while padding around in thick socks and huddling under a fat down blanket. The part that wants to drink hot cocoa while wearing fingerless gloves and a chunky scarf. The part of me that likes cozy.

I hate the cold but absolutely love a lot of the things that go right along with it. What the cuss? Does anyone else suffer from this major contradiction?

I’ve decided the only thing I can really do is embrace the change. So I decided to dive headfirst into a pile of cozy handmade knits and take you along for the ride.

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Gluten Free Zucchini Pasta

gluten free zucchini pastaSo, I may have mentioned it once or twice or maybe a lot, but gluten and I aren’t friends. Some people roll their eyes at this (whether I can actually watch them roll or I can tell it’s happening internally behind their eyes depends on the person). These people seem to think it’s a silly affliction created by a hypochondriac (this study is no doubt in their minds while they smile and nod politely and their internal monologue is riffing on the fact that I’m batshit crazy).

To the naysayers I can only respond with two things: after testing negative for celiac, my doctor recommended I remove gluten from my diet as a trial to see if it had any impact on my stomach issues. Since removing it I feel a billion times better. Unless that changes, I’m gonna keep on keeping on.

For the most part, I’m fine with missing out on gluten-filled deliciousness. I’ve found replacements that I deem satisfactory for most things and try to steer myself towards whole foods instead of processed junk anyway (except for chocolate. There is always chocolate). My latest obsession is an insanely delicious take on pasta: zucchini noodles! Continue reading

Friday Faves + Weekend Links

friday faves

This week my favorite photos are a few of the top entries in our LittleHoots contest. There are some hilarious quotes submitted, so make sure you click over to the Facebook album and check them all out. The entry with the most likes on Sunday at 5 pm will win a canvas print of their hoot.

Around the interwebs:

  • I love Emily Henderson. The way she styled this (dangerously) white room with pops of color—those logs!—is proof of why. Major swoonfest. I could never live in it (um, kids), but I will sit and drool at its magnificence.
  • These sexy Halloween costumes for moms made me laugh so hard. If I had to pick, I’m thinking Dirty Delouser is my favorite.
  • While we’re all on our pumpkin kick, I think it’s time to dip into some pumpkin hummus.
  • Jackie has completely convinced me to get a wireless remote for picture taking. I love how much easier it will make group photos (or, you know, blog photos)!
  • If you’ve never checked out Scary Mommy, you should. It’s hilarious. But I’m loving it a little more right now because it’s also incredibly generous. For the last three years Jill Smokler and company have been running The Thanksgiving Project, which donates Thanksgiving dinners to families who can’t afford it. They’re looking to do it again this year—but they need help!


In case you missed it: