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#helpdeliverhope | fundraiser for Hope's Door

The darkest time in my life started in elementary school when my dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness. That darkness continued for years as he fought his hardest against brain cancer and eventually succumbed to it the summer before I started high school.

Horrible does not even nick the surface as a way to describe that time. To be a happy-go-lucky kid one day and suddenly have the rug swept out from under your feet and your every notion of security destroyed the next is earth shattering. And I don’t even want to imagine what it feels like as a parent to watch your children experience something like that. Continue reading

Girl Boss | Tamar Schechner of Nest Pretty Things

Totally inspired by Sophia Amoruso’s book of the same name, Girl Boss is a series focused on fierce, determined women who go with their gut and create their dream businesses in the process.

Girl Boss | Tamar Schechner  from Nest Pretty Things

Have you ever seen photos of a product and immediately known exactly who the maker was? Not because of flashy logos or a familiar face but because the product is branded so fantastically that there’s no room for doubt.

That’s how I feel about Tamar Schechner’s work. Tamar is the creative genius behind Nest Pretty Things, a gorgeous brand of handmade jewelry and accessories for women (and kids!) that’s romantic and bohemian with a bright, modern twist.

The styling and overall aesthetic of Tamar’s work is unmistakable. I heeded to get into her brain and I’m so excited that she agreed to a Girl Boss interview! Continue reading

On Gratitude

gratitude | Katie Daisy printKatie Daisy print

I generally try to keep this space light and positive, but I’m going to be real for a second here. Lately I’ve been struggling a bit with anxiety and depression. Nothing too severe, but enough to leave me exhausted and… unpleasant.

I don’t know if there’s something in the air (I know a lot of people who have complained of similar feelings) or if maybe it’s the change of seasons. Fall always leaves me with a feeling of dread because I know a long, cold, dead winter is right behind it. I find no beauty in bare branches. I need sunshine and greenery. Signs of life.

I mentioned the effects of my anxiety on my Facebook page not too long ago and one of my friends and readers, Cristina, said that her trick to not being so down on herself was to stamp it out before it even starts.

But how do you do that? I’ve written about changing your perspective and trying to look at things from different angles to realize they’re not always as they seem. But how do you change your perspective when you’re really down and in the thick of it? Continue reading

Weird Search Terms People Use to Find My Blog

Every once in a while I check my site analytics to try and figure out how and why people are finding my website. Sometimes the search terms people use make total sense. Around Halloween I got a flood of people looking for DIY ghost tutus. I get it. I mean, I wrote a post on that topic and it seems like a totally normal thing for a person to search for.

But then there are the times when the search terms I see make me spit out my peppermint tea in laughter. People are weird. Like, way weirder than I thought (and that’s coming from a person whose husband despises melted cheese). To prove it, I’m sharing 5 of the really out there things people search for.

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