Bad Dad’s Guide to Naming Your Stupid Book Club (plus September’s book pick!)

For those of you who haven’t been exposed to Bad Dad before, he’s my husband and he’s a little fresh. We usually don’t let him out around polite company, but once in a while he finds a way to sneak onto the blog and horrify me. If you haven’t met him before, I apologize in advance…

So as many of you know, Jen has started up some book club where she and some friends are going to read some (probably very bad) books. When recruited to try and help come up with a name for the book club, the conversation went something like this:

“I’m having trouble coming up with a name for the book club.”

“Uhhh… Does the book club really need to have a name?”

[death glare] “Yes. And don’t be an asshole.”

So I then went on to come up with SEVERAL book club names, which I happened to think were fantastic. Needless to say, I was deemed less than helpful and relieved of my duties as “guy even remotely pretending to help in any way.”

Without further ado, here were my contributions, each one probably better than whatever name is finally actually chosen.

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Treat Yo Self | Honey Lemon Mask

Treat Yo Self is a series that focuses on inexpensive indulgences that make you feel good without feeling guilty. Because when momma’s not happy, nobody is happy.

treat yo self | inexpensive indulgencesLately, I’ve seen facials and all sorts of DIY beauty business on Pinterest that uses honey as an ingredient. I was always intrigued, but I never tried it because… well, because putting honey on my face sounded disgusting.

I mean, how gross would it be all goopy and stuck in my eyebrows? And how hard would it be to get off? Also, why would I want to stick my hand in a jar of honey and smear it all over my face?!

Well, apparently BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME.

I’m one of those people who starts out as a skeptic, thinking that something is absolutely ridiculous and a waste of my time. Then, slowly but surely, I need to know for myself. I need to experience the ridiculousness firsthand. I need to get to the bottom of it (hello, shampoo free movement).

So I looked into this whole honey-on-your-face thing a little bit more to try and figure out why anyone would want to do it in the first place. Turns out there are a bunch of reasons. Continue reading

Celebrity School Photos

Since the VMAs and their fashion kind of bore me with their look how edgy I am ridiculousness—except for Beyonce. Bow down to the Beyonce—I figured I’d skip the red carpet roundup (because bleh). Also, the VMAs suck (again, except for Beyonce).

But I do love a good celebrity roundup, so I put together a nice bunch of Before They Were Stars-type photos to get your Monday started on an upswing.

I was even so kind so as to give you the answers upside down at the end to make it harder to cheat and thus get furious at yourself for doing so. I’m not the only one who does that, right?

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Cuddles and Chaos Book Club

I Read Past My Bedtime via Barnes and Noblevia Barnes and Noble

Last week I mentioned on Facebook that I was sort of itching to start a book club after taking Samantha to one at a local library. A bunch of people showed interest and I’m hoping even more of you who may not have seen it on Facebook (since hardly anyone sees anything I post on Facebook anymore. Stupid algorithms) will be into the idea too.

So here’s what I’m thinking: I’m going to give you guys a few books to vote on this week and next Friday I’ll post the winner and our first book of the month. I want this to be a fun, no stress kind of thing, so don’t kill yourselves. We’ll have a discussion—either on Facebook or in the comments here (feel free to tell me what sounds good to you)—at the end of the month and I’ll  figure out ways to make it fun. No term papers. No points deducted for not finishing on time. Just fun.

If this works out I’d love to also host meet ups with you local ladies once in awhile, if anyone is interested.

OK, so here are the choices for September… Continue reading