Obsession of the Moment | Snarky Cards

Rena Franco Design: kick ass momma cardI have some really talented friends. My friend Rena is definitely one of them—although don’t tell her I said that because her head will get really big and I’ll have to knock her down a few pegs to keep her in check.

Anyway, after talking about it for years and procrastinating with the best (worst?) of them, she finally opened up Rena Franco Design, an Etsy shop filled with her hilariously snarky paper goods. And I have to tell you, they’re pretty awesome. Continue reading



This is what the room I’m working in looks like right now. It’s pretty clean (for this room). Throughout my house there are crooked pictures on the wall, dirty dishes in the sink, clean laundry in a basket on my bed, and a dining room table covered in crap. And don’t get me started on what will happen if you open my daughters’ closet.

Needless to say, I love this post by No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog.

I’m tired of feeling bad about myself because of the picture perfect shots I drool over on Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing them. It’s always nice to have something to aspire to. But the problem starts when that’s all you see. When your feed is all perfectly plumped pillows in flawless living rooms in the most magical evening light and impeccably dressed (stain free) babies with sweet, angelic grins on their chubby faces.

That’s when I look up from my screen at my torn couch, filthy floor, and tantrum throwing, chocolate covered child and wonder what I’m doing wrong. Why doesn’t my life look like that? Continue reading

I’m Not Fancy

Guys, I’m literally dying laughing right now. Literally. Like, my heart is about to stop from laughing so hard.

You know that Iggy Azalea song Fancy? OK, I didn’t until the girls and I finished our book on tape and my iPod wasn’t charged and we had no other option but silence or radio. Also, when I say silence I mean that in the loudest way possible—because a house with two girls is never silent.

So to buy myself relative “silence” (ie space in my own head with chatter blocked ever-so slightly with the radio, thus creating more noise), I flipped that radio dial so freakin fast. For my sanity.

Fancy came on and the chorus immediately lodged itself in my brain. So much so, in fact, that I’ve been torturing the girls with breaking out into song for at least a week now. As soon as I start Sam covers her ears and shrieks. But Ellie has been feeling it.

It gets me every time.

When my friend Rena (who has been my Golden Goddess of Link Sharing lately) sent me The Girls with Glasses doing a parody called Not Fancy, I was immediately intrigued. And I have not stopped giggling to myself about it. Continue reading

5 Things I Learned When I Took My Kids to the Met

Last week I met my mother-in-law in Manhattan to take the girls to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. So much potential for learning at a major cultural institution, right?

Yeeeeeah, that sounds nice and all and while it is true, I learned way more in the Life Lessons department than I soaked up in the art history department. For instance…

the met with kids: mummy loving

1. Plans are stupid.

Duh. I mean, I should have known this. Kids + plans = a regular laugh riot. Continue reading