Jennifer Garry Designs

Jennifer Garry Designs | love is a verb necklace - handmade, hand-stamped, mantra necklace

I’m making and selling jewelry (again)! Jennifer Garry Designs is slowly but surely filling up with lots of super simple, hand-stamped pieces that whisper positive, empowering, sometimes sassy messages in your ear (or from your chest) to remind you of what’s really important.

I’ve loved making jewelry since I started dabbling in it before Ellie was born. There’s something about it that I find so calming. I’ve opened two different Etsy shops and made jewelry for a few weddings and sold pieces to people all over the world—but each time, I lost momentum and let the whole thing slip away.

I think part of my problem was that I had no real focus. I was making a lot of one-off pieces that were pretty but couldn’t really be replicated (whether it was because I was using reclaimed supplies or didn’t have a reliable place to get them from). I was more or less walking into Michaels, finding beads I thought were pretty, and making whatever came to mind once I got a chance to sit down and play with them. While fun, that’s a hobby—not a sustainable business model.

This time around, everything is different. The idea to do hand-stamped pieces came to me months ago and I let it swirl around in my brain a little before I decided to act on it and order myself a metal stamping kit. Then, after ruining a bunch of metal blanks trying to figure out how in the hell anyone does this, I finally started to get the hang of it.

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8 Great Gifts for Moms

8 great gift ideas for mom

Sometimes it seems really simple to find great gifts for moms. Girls like things that look and smell pretty, right? But after a few gift-giving occasions throughout the year, it gets harder and harder to find something different that they’ll actually love… and that isn’t an exact repeat of the last gift you gave.

That’s why I took to the internet to find some really cool, pretty different gift ideas for moms that I wouldn’t mind unwrapping myself. Great for Mother’s Day, birthdays, pretty much any special occasion that pops up during the year, these gifts are sure to catch that special momma in your life by surprise and fill her up with happiness.

Also, I’ll take one of each. Thanks. 😉

great gifts for moms | Brooklyn Global small Buddha head planter

Brooklyn Global small Buddha head planter

great gifts for moms | Printable Wall Story family portrait

Printable Wall Story family portrait

great gifts for moms | Beholden Prints mama bear mug

Beholden Prints mama bear mug (this one would pair well with my Mama Bear necklace!)

great gifts for moms | Country Home and Heart painted mason jars set

Country Home and Heart painted mason jars set

great gifts for moms | set of 4 COCOandLI soaps

set of 4 COCOandLI soaps

great gifts for moms | Creek Reflections fitbit bracelet

Creek Reflections FitBit bracelet

great gifts for moms | Little Home of Hoops art embroidery

Little Home of Hoops art embroidery

great gifts for moms | Xenotees matching pizza shirts

Xenotees matching pizza shirts

Need more inspiration? Check out a few of my oldies but goodies: DIY Bath & Body Gifts, Mother’s Day Gift Guide, another Mother’s Day Gift Guide, DIY Coconut Body Butter.

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#supermomsquad Prizes


I am so incredibly excited about this #supermomsquad contest. So many fabulous ladies have helped me to spread the word and I can’t thank them enough.

But now we need you to get in on it! Don’t be shy! We want to see and hear all about what makes you a supermom. Whether it’s super sweet or absolutely ridiculous, there is no wrong answer here! It’s all about lifting moms up and celebrating the fact that, while our lives may be chaotic, we’re awesome.

And the prizes? They’re pretty awesome too.

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Bad Ass Babes | Celeste Barber

Ah, the pressures of school drop off. #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #victoriasecret

A photo posted by Celeste Barber (@celestebarber) on


Celeste Barber has been killing it lately. If you haven’t heard of her, she’s the 33-year-old Australian comic who posts hilarious parodies of celebrity pictures on Instagram (you know that’s sure to be a hit with this InstaAddict, right?). I won’t lie to you: at first, I thought maybe it was a little mean. The whole mercilessly poking fun at people thing didn’t seem to gel with my fierce belief in raising women up—until I realized that it totally does.

Celeste takes highly stylized, completely staged photos of some of the most beautiful women in the world and points out to us regular girls that they’re not real. Nothing about them. From the poses to the hair and make up, there is nothing natural about them. No matter how bad the girls in them might want you to believe it, they’re not candid shots. They’re specifically designed to show these women at their absolute best.

And pointing out that little fact again and again and again? It makes us mere mortals feel less terrible about ourselves in comparison. In fact, it makes us laugh our asses off at the ridiculous lengths some people will go to to get a flattering angle. And for that, she is a Bad Ass Babe.

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My Favorite Green Cleaning Products

favorite green cleaning products

When I was younger, I never really gave a second thought to the ingredients in my cleaning products. As long as they did their jobs, who cares, right? But then I had a baby. And babies? They bring out the neurotic in people. Suddenly I was really thinking about my cleaning products. It started with the bathtub. The thought of cleaning it out with harsh chemicals and then plopping a fresh new human inside made me a little crazy.

When she got bigger, I started to think twice about the products I used to wipe down toys and tables and her high chair tray. When everything finds its way directly into her mouth, did I really want it coated in chemicals?

For me, the answer was a big, fat, bold, NO. And that no got bigger and bolder once my second (much messier) daughter was born.

Since then, I’ve tried a bunch of different products and found some that I loved and some that I hated.

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