Fabulous Vintage Finds

fabulous vintage findsI think there are two camps of people when it comes to vintage. There are those of us who are all ohmygosh YESSSSSSS!!! I love things with history and back story and a past life! And there are those of us who are all Ew, NO! I am so not into someone else’s grandma’s stinky, dusty garbage.

I am decidedly a part of the first camp. I get excited about the idea of something that has lived an entire life before it enters mine. I also like the whole eco-friendly, reducing your carbon footprint aspect of it (Earth Day every day, yo!).

In hopes of converting any of you potential haters out there, I’ve curated some pretty stinking fabulous vintage finds I unearthed with a little bit of digging around Etsy.

Many of these pieces look like something you could find in stores like Anthropologie today, but the coolness factor goes up a notch when the piece is actually vintage instead of just looking vintage. Continue reading

Momtrepreneur | 10th & Pepper

I love a good story of a momma who finds a way to make things work. Camille from 10th and Pepper (a shop with original hand-lettered and illustrated wall art prints, greeting cards, note cards, and stationery for small businesses) emailed me a while back and I quickly learned that she is one of those women who makes things happen—which makes her perfect for my Momtrepreneur series.

I asked her a few questions to learn more about her story and I’m pretty sure you’ll find what she has to say inspiring…

Momtrepreneur: 10th & Pepper though she be but little art print Continue reading

InstaAddict | Ten Fabulous Healthy Living Instagrammers

best healthy living instagram accountsI’ve been working my butt off for the last couple of months. Just about every day I have made it my mission to work out. Instead of being something I fit in if I can, I’ve made exercise a non-negotiable. This has been game changing for me.

I’ve always been one of those girls who, while not obese, could stand to lose at least 10 pounds. Blame it on body type, genetics, laziness, whatever. I’ve always struggled to keep those last few pounds off. But now it’s different. I’m not dieting. I’m not looking for mystical results in a ridiculously short amount of time. I’m making a lifestyle change.

The problem? I’VE LOST HARDLY ANY WEIGHT. I realize that muscle weighs more than fat and that inches are just as important as pounds. I realize that my clothes fit me differently and that I feel stronger and my back doesn’t ache when my toddler is in a hardcore “CARRY ME!” mood. I realize all of that. But would it kill the scale to creep down a bit?! For my psychological well being?!

The one thing that does seem to help me is flooding myself with positive reinforcement. I started following a bunch of healthy living Instagrammers and the constant encouragement and healthy food inspiration has been huge. HUGE, I tell you! Continue reading

DIY | Screen-Printed Tote Bag

I’ve been so bogged down with stuff lately that I haven’t really had any time for making. Since I really love to sit down and make things, I decided that my sister’s birthday was the perfect excuse to force the issue. I stalked her Pinterest boards (which, for the record, is the best idea ever) and noticed a running theme of black cats. More specifically, there were a whole lot of screen printed black cats.

My daughters have been taking art classes at a local art lab and Samantha literally just had a class where they did screen printing. Deal = sealed.

DIY screen printing: screen-printed tote Continue reading