Bookworms | 5 Earth Day Books for Kids

I like books. I like being kind to the environment. I like books that teach kids to be kind to the environment. So it kind of makes perfect sense to put together a post full of Earth Day books for kids, doesn’t it?

I made a list of five, but if I missed one of your favorites, please add it in the comments!

Earth Day Books for Kids: The Tiny Seed by Eric CarleThe Tiny Seed
by Eric Carle

This book combines Eric Carle’s gorgeous illustrations with the tale of a tiny (but mighty!) seed. We follow the little seed over the course of a year, watching it blow from a flower in the fall, drift, and root itself. Eventually, it becomes a giant flower and its own little seeds fly off in the wind. Perfect for teaching little ones about the life cycle of a seed!

Earth Day Books for Kids: The Berenstain Bears Go Green by Jan and Mike Berenstain



The Berenstain Bears Go Green
by Jan and Mike Berenstain

In this story, the Bear family is out on a little fishing adventure in their local creek when they notice a horrible smell. Soon, they realize that waste from a dump is leaking into the water. Mama Bear is horrified and decides the family is going to do something about it. In the end, the whole town works together to clean up the dump. I love that the Bear family recognizes a problem and sets out to do something about it.

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15 Earth Day Activities for Kids

Since Earth Day is this Wednesday, I thought I’d do a whole week’s worth of earth-friendly posts. If you know me or have been reading for any length of time, you know I’m a total tree hugger. Call me hippie dippie, call me Earth Momma, call me whatever. I happen to think it’s kind of important to take care of this little planet we live on. And I think it’s incredibly important to teach our kids the same thing.

Like many adults, kids totally tune out when you start lecturing them on the evils of pesticides or the dangers of water pollution. No one wants to be preached at. Instead, I like to fall back on the same rule of thumb I go by when it comes to teaching kids to be giving: make it fun and make it a normal part of their life.

If your kids see you throwing used bottles in the recycling bin regularly, they’ll start doing it too. If they watch you throw garbage out of your car window, they’ll do that. If you make a conscious effort to be environmentally friendly, those little buggers will be right there with you. And it doesn’t hurt if you model that behavior in a way that’s really fun.

I put together a list of 15 kids activities to try out this Earth Day—or any day.

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Like a Mother | 8 Sneaky Ways to Save Money

8 Sneaky Ways to Save Money

1. Make your own cleaning products.

For serious. Instead of spraying toxic chemicals on the counter tops your kids are sure to lick (oh wait, that’s just mine?), you can easily make your own equally effective cleaners for a fraction of the price—and quickly. I promise they work and I promise you’ll want to hug me once you try it. Whether you clean with lemons or use other green cleaning recipes (and let’s not forget ditching the shampoo), you can save a serious chunk of change.

2. Cash in on birthdays.

Birthdays can get expensive. But did you know there are a ton of places that are willing to give you free stuff on your birthday (or on your kid’s birthday)? One of our favorite things to cash in on is a free cupcake at the cafe at Barnes and Noble through their B&N Kids’ Club. We also loved claiming free birthday sundaes at Friendlys before our local chain closed. The Penny Hoarder has a list of 100 places that will give you free stuff on your birthday. I’m definitely going to take note of a few I didn’t know about for when Samantha’s birthday rolls around in June! Continue reading

Local Love | WeeZee

WeeZee WestchesterLast winter I wrote a post for Wee Westchester about the best indoor spaces for kids in northern Westchester. Wanting a diverse spread of places, I turned to Facebook to ask some of my momma friends what their favorite spots were and was really excited to include some new-to-me places that people raved about.

One of those spots was Chappaqua’s WeeZee, a self-described “play, fitness and learning facility for children 0 through 12 of all abilities.” When they reached out to see if the girls and I wanted to stop in and try it out for ourselves, I totally jumped at the chance. We were not disappointed. Continue reading

6 Tools That Make Me More Efficient

tools that make me more efficientThe number one clue that I’m feeling totally overwhelmed is that I start talking about cleaning, organization and efficiency.

Please note that this week’s newsletter (that’s a link to it, for anyone who has been on the fence about signing up) was filled with spring cleaning tips and that this week’s first blog post is dedicated to efficiency.

Perfect, I am not. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few tricks up my sleeve that might help my partners in imperfection.

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