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2013 Oscars Fashion Recap

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Oscars fashion: Stacy Keibler

I know I’m a nerd. I’m fully aware. But I get so geeked out about Oscars fashion. It drives my husband insane. There’s plenty of eye rolling and lots of snark, but that’s alright. If I have to deal with football (blech), he can deal with a couple of awards shows every year.

OK. I’m going to stop talking (typing?) and get straight to it. Here are my top three favorite looks from last night.

Oscars fashion: Stacy Keiblervia POPSUGAR

Stacy Keibler in Naeem Khan

I gasped when I saw Stacy Keibler standing there–and not just because of that ridiculously handsome silver fox on her arm (if you’re somehow clueless, I’m talking Clooney here, ladies. Clooney!).

But seriously. That dress is amazeballs. It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for sparkle. And this right here is sparkle done right. As if the woman’s body isn’t amazing enough, the detailing on the dress (I’m talking about the swirls that hit her in all the right places) is perfection.

Just look at that side shot. The pattern both enhances her curves and makes her look longer. It’s seriously amazing. I’m also a huge fan of the open back, the black belt-like piece and the exposed zipper. So. freakin. pretty!

I said it on Twitter last night but it totally bears repeating: The dress, the hair, the GEORGE. Keibler wins!

Oscars fashion: Charlize Theronvia Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Charlize Theron absolutely rocked it with her incredibly simple look. White dress, a no-fuss pixie cut and minimal makeup and jewels, yet somehow the woman absolutely commanded attention.

There were a few times during the night when they did a wide audience shot and my eyes were immediately drawn to her (well, unless Samuel L. Jackson and his red velvet jacket were on the screen). She looked absolutely stunning.

Oscars fashion: Jennifer Garner

via Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Jennifer Garner in Gucci

Jennifer Garner’s super soft and feminine look falls somewhere in between the razzmatazz of Stacy and the simplicity of Charlize.

I absolutely love this color and it looks amazing on her. Her hair is soft and perfectly suited to the gown and that necklace is incredible.

The only thing I was unsure of was the froofiness going on in the back. The ruffles go all the way up to the top of the dress. I probably would love the dress even more if they started further down, but in the end I decided the extra bit of froofy didn’t ruin the look for me. The woman looked gorgeous. I just wish she didn’t go matte with the lips.

Honorable Mentions

Oscars fashion: Amy Adams

Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta

Oscar fashion: Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts in Armani Prive

Oscars fashion: Jessica ChastainJessica Chastain in Armani Prive

Oscars fashion: Sandra BullockSandra Bullock in Elie Saab

My least favorite look of the night was Salma Hayek in her velvet Alexander McQueen number that seemed to be choking her in some sort of ornate golden madness. While I was glad she veered away from her old standby of in-your-face cleavage, the dress mixed with the prom queen hair was too much for me.

Alright. I got it all out. Now it’s your turn. What did you love? What did you hate? What did you think of the show?

Jen is a freelance writer and girl mom from New York. When she’s not knee-deep in glittery crafts and girl talk, you can probably find her sprawled across her couch in the middle of a Netflix marathon with dark chocolate smeared on her face. The struggle is real.

8 thoughts on “2013 Oscars Fashion Recap

  1. Hit the nail on the head for me. Loved Charlize’s hair – ugh, I wish my face could rock the pixie cut! Although, no one seems to have liked Anne Hathaway’s look, but I did. I think it’s because I’m obsessing over short hair, and that’s pretty much all I stared at – love her hair!

    1. I totally agree on Charlize’s hair! So so so gorgeous.

      I really liked the back of Anne Hathaway’s dress but I thought the color washed her out a little. And don’t even get me started on the nipple darts. lol.

  2. I love your choices and agree with all of them! Charlize looked stunning and I LOVE her hair. The back of Jennifer Garner’s dress was AMAZE. Best dressed for me (for the second year in a row!) was Jessica Chastain. She was dripping old Hollywood glam and there’s no other night more appropriate for that than the Oscars. Can we please talk about Anne Hathaway’s dress? I loved everything but the constant nipping. I mean, really??

    1. Yeah, Jessica Chastain did look pretty fab. I’m a sucker for old Hollywood glam too.

      And Anne Hathaway. I love her. I love the back of the dress. The color wasn’t my favorite for her, but the nipples! What was with that? Worst place for darting everrrrrr!

  3. My personal fave was Anne Hathaway’s dress she wore to present. But it’s hardly featured anywhere. Oh well! Jennifer Garner did look lovely in that color! ~Sarah

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