A Little Spring In My Step

Temperatures were in the 60s here in New York yesterday and Al Roker promised me that next week will bring more of the same. This little kiss of warmth and sunshine has me all chipper and hunting through my closet for bright, cheery pieces.

shirt, pants, shoes, bracelet, necklace

My budget is a little on the tight side, so I’ll probably stick to shopping my closet and combining bright colors that I may not have thought of pairing together before–although Old Navy‘s stock up sale might be too good to pass up. That green shirt up there only costs $9!

What’s your spring go-to? This year, I’m definitely all about the color!

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  1. Please send some warm sunshine over here! It’s still cold here and it’s made me sick 🙁 Shopping in your closet is a great idea, you may find some pieces you’ve forgotten about and it feels like you just got something new! 😀

  2. We’ve had nice weather where I live on the Gulf Coast, too! I am going to do some spring cleaning next weekend and go through my spring wardrobe…can’t wait to shop my closet, too! I’m looking forward to bright, cheery colors and florals.

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