Jennifer Garry

Jennifer GarryHi!!! (This is where you should imagine me waving and smiling and standing there in an awkward “should I hug or shouldn’t I hug?” stance).

I’m a hugger but I don’t like to come across as a weirdo so meeting new people launches me into one of my uncomfortable-over-thinker modes. It ain’t pretty, so let’s just hop over the awkward and cut to the chase, alright?

If you’re hoping for Carol Brady or June Cleaver, you’ve got the wrong blog.

I’m Jen. I’m a real life mom from the suburbs of New York City (Westchester if you want to get more specific) with messy, opinionated children and a man child for a husband. I chronicle sticky kisses, hair pulling and the ways my husband drives me insane (and, um, sometimes the ways I drive him insane) alongside DIYs, handmade roundups and fashion and beauty posts. I love reading and talking about books, supporting small businesses (especially those in the Hudson Valley!), and making my readers giggle while they nod along and say YES!

I don’t take myself too seriously and I don’t think you should either. This, my friends, is what we call a judgment free zone.

I’m a big time word nerd (I would sit and sculpt little stories all day long if my ninja kindergartner and perennially bored 10-year old weren’t around to drag me out of my trance).

I’m also obsessed with chocolate, sarcasm, cute shoes, and my daughters’ giggles. Feel free to send me gifts of chocolate or shoes. I have more than enough sarcasm in my life, thanks to Bad Dad. But I do love an excuse to write a thank you note on ridiculously cute paper.

Where else can you find me? Well, first you can join my little tribe to make sure you don’t miss a thing… and to be the first to know about exclusives and the occasional freebie. I take care of my peeps. 😉

I recently started a local website for Westchester families called Westchester with Kids. Any Westchester or Hudson Valley content can be found over there from here on out.

I’m also a contributing writer to Glamamom and the northern Westchester expert for Wee Westchester, where I post about things like the best playgrounds in the area and the best spots for indoor kids activities. I also sometimes write for NY Metro Parents and the thredUP blog.

I’ve guest posted for a ton of places, including Mamalode, BonBon Break, BlogHer, Aiming Low, Ready for ZeroA Glimpse Inside, Simply Designing, and Red Tricycle.

Westchester Magazine named me one of Westchester’s best bloggers—but I don’t let that get to my head. I still put my bra on one arm at a time and I still have as many mom fails as you do.

lets be friends

I’m always on the prowl for fun new projects and new friends! I love emails so feel free to drop me a line. For writing projects, giveaways, product reviews, advertising inquiries or messages of love you can email me at jen@cuddlesandchaos.com.

You can also check out my Facebook page, where we talk about really important things—like our favorite 90s TV shows—and where I make sure to treat my followers to pictures of Ryan Gosling every so often.

I’m Instagram obsessed. When my husband notices me staring into my phone, completely engrossed, he always asks who I’m stalking on Instagram. The answer is usually ALL OF THE PEOPLE.

Plus, you can always find me pinning away on Pinterest. I’m addicted. #sorrynotsorry

The photo here and the one in my sidebar are by the fabulous Jackie Pfeffer.

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