9 of our favorite podcasts - from Majestically Awkward

The other day I was stopped at a red light—alone—and laughing hysterically. When I turned my head, I realized the woman in the car next to me was watching me closely. She looked as if she would stomp on the gas pedal if I made one questionable move in her direction. In an attempt to let her know I’m not deranged, I pointed to my radio and then my ear to say “Hey lady! I’m not crazy! I’m just listening to a really funny podcast!”

Unfortunately, my poor attempts at sign language only seemed to prove her theory. The light turned green and girlfriend was off. Awkward.

That’s the cool thing about a good podcast though. Like a really good book or an incredible movie, you get sucked right in and completely forget about reality. It makes for weird stop light interactions or strange stares at the gym, but I can deal with that if it means I’m thoroughly entertained.

Today, I’m teaming up with my Majestically Awkward cohosts to share some of the best podcasts out there. These are the ones that make us laugh-cry, teach us things or are just really freaking entertaining.

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Majestically Awkward podcast

In today’s episode, we start out with a little mom vs. non-mom discussion on what the heck to do when someone else’s kid has a public meltdown. We also touch on how to deal when someone’s kid is being a bully and talk a little bit about moms being nasty to each other. Next, we introduce a new segment called Is This for Real? where Tim goes through a list of topics—some real, some fake—and Janine and I have to decide which are real. This week’s theme is romance novels and it’s pretty hilarious. We wrap it all up with a metaphorical face punch to One Million Moms who are taking a stand against the Disney Channel and Andi Mack.

Also new this week is music from our good friend BRBRCK. We love you Berbs!

As always, this episode is not safe to listen to with kids around. We have potty mouths and discuss adult topics, so wait until the kids are asleep or you’re at the gym with some earbuds in.

If you want to play Is This For Real? along with us, don’t scroll down to the show notes until after listening—there are some spoilers!

Majestically Awkward podcast | Howdy Ma’am

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On our bookshelf - October reads - picture books, beginnger chapter books, kids lit, children's books

We are always looking for books to add to our To Be Read list over here. We look for books of all levels: picture books, beginner chapter books, middle-grade fiction, and books that busy moms can enjoy. Figuring I can’t possibly be the only one out there who is hunting for good reads for a variety of age levels, I’ve decided to try something new.

Once a month I’ll put together a list of all of the books we’ve been reading with some of our thoughts on them. Sometimes they’ll be gushy and glowy. Other times they’ll be lukewarm. Either way, we’ll let you know if we think they’re worth your time.

Skim through and see what looks good—for you, for your kids, for a gift. And let us know what you’ve been reading!

On Our Bookshelf | October 2017

On our bookshelf - October reads - middle grade fiction, kids lit, children's books

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Majestically Awkward podcast | where awkward friends talk about awkward things

Episode two of the Majestically Awkward podcast is live! This week’s episode of Majestically Awkward spends a whole lot of time talking about boobs. We start out by discussing breastfeeding in public (spoiler alert: Janine and I are all for it) before discussing how and why the Tata Towel became a thing. We would absolutely love…Continue Reading “Majestically Awkward podcast | Episode 2: Congratulations, I’m So Sorry”

Majestically Awkward podcast

Ahhhhh! I’m so nervous and excited to announce the first ever Majestically Awkward podcast episode!

Janine and I have been friends since the fourth grade and we share the unique quality of being able to turn any situation into a really awkward one. We giggle nervously when the appropriate response is more like horror or sadness. We say the wrong things in an effort to make other people less uncomfortable. We have verbal diarrhea when we should just keep our mouths closed. We’re majestically awkward.

We’re also really huge podcast nerds (check out some of my favorite podcasts that are under thirty minutes).

One day we decided that we should start our own podcast. After months of halfhearted “planning” (read: coffee dates) we decided to just do this thing. My husband jumped on board to moderate us and keep us from going down deep dark holes of content that will make sense to no one but us. He’s also helping with the technical stuff because, to be honest, Janine and I just want to talk.

The result is an amusing exploration of awkwardness that will get better with age.

Majestically Awkward podcast

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