Better Together: Maxi Skirts, Cotton Shirts & Crossbody Bags

In my little world, summer and style sometimes seem like an impossible combination. I mean, how exactly do you expect me to look remotely pulled together when my hair has become reminiscent of a Brillo pad, my makeup won’t stay on because of all of the sweat, and I’m continually covered in child residue (food, snot, Play Doh, you name it)?

Well, my friends, I’ve stumbled across a combo that’s been working for me through the first steamy bits of summer. I’m not sweating any less and the mysterious stains are still popping up, but at least I feel more together. And let’s be real. That’s the part that really counts, right?

better together: maxi, cotton top, crossbody bag

Obviously, I’m no model (if I was, I would have sucked in the mommy pooch, stood at a different angle and had someone swooping in to fix my hair). I’m a real mom trying to make it through the day in one piece. And I’ve found that the maxi skirt, cotton shirt, crossbody bag combo is a pretty good way to do it.

I feel more put together than if I threw on some yoga pants and my husband’s old t-shirt, but I’m just as comfortable and not living in fear of a wardrobe malfunction. I already wrote about why you should embrace maxis this summer, but it’s definitely worth mentioning again. For me, the biggest reason is that short dresses and my two-year old just don’t work. Neither do bags that require the use of one of my hands. I need to be able to swoop in like a ninja at a moment’s notice, which is why this combo works better together.

better together: maxi skirt, cotton tee, crossbody bagAs for the mysterious stains? Well, that’s when it’s time to head to the basement (with chocolate) and turn to the heavy hitting cleaning combos.

Tide + Downy + Bounce = Better Together

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*vs. leading value detergent alone

What’s your idea of summer clothes that are better together?

Now, excuse me, but all of this Better Together talk has me in a Jack Johnson frame of mind…

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  1. You look great Jen, very stylish mom! Besides, that combo works for anyone and put together (without trying so hard :p)

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