Waiting on Sandy

Oh, Sandy.

The schools are closed. Hubs doesn’t have to go to work. There’s pretty much nothing to do but twiddle our thumbs as we sit back and wait for your arrival, hoping that you’re a bust. But with each updated forecast you’re looking a little bit scarier.

As the trees start swaying in the eery sky I can’t help but think that waiting for you is a little like waiting to give birth to my first baby–only without the sweet wide-eyed little face at the end. The anticipation, the fear of the unknown, the complete lack of control.

Oh, Sandy.

One thing I do find kind of amazing is how beautiful photos of storms are (childbirth photos are a little less beautiful–at least from an aesthetic point of view). Like the ocean, storms have the potential to be so brutal and violent but they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Instead of standing in your window (or worse yet, outside), take a look at these breathtaking storm shots.

strormSebastian Dooris

stormPatrick Kelley via National Geographic

seaMichael Ball

stormJ-O Eriksson

stormPaul Chaloner


stormOther Think

stormDaniel Avram

stormThese Fleeting Moments

I’m hoping that Miss Frankenstorm is more bark than bite. I already have a cranky six-year old whining about Halloween being ruined. I would be thrilled if that’s all of the damage we end up with.

For now I’m off to fill pitchers of water, get my candles and matches ready, and make sure we’ve got tons of games at the ready in case we lose power.

Stay safe, east coast pals!

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  1. I am getting more and more worried with each weather forecast that I watch and I am in the south. Hope everything is well and things are back to normal quickly. I am thinking Halloween should be extended for you all until after the storm has passed.

    Stay safe!

    1. Thanks Jill! We’re alright. Hope you guys get power back soon!

      How is your side of the family on the island? Peg and Steve lost everything in their basement and their family room was destroyed from the flooding. Hope everyone is hanging in there.

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