anxiety is my archnemesis

anxiety is my archnemesis

Anxiety is a bitch.

Sometimes I feel it grab hold of me. It starts by clinging to my ankle and slowly but surely climbs me like some wind-worn mountaineer making its way to the top. I want to swat at it, to tell it to back up off me because ain’t nobody got time for this. But, before I know it, it’s clutching my throat. Once its icy, Voldemort-like fingers are pressed there, making breathing an arduous task, I know the real struggle has begun. It’s much harder to shake the feeling of constant panic once it’s reached this level.

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things my kids said | is pixie dust fairy poop #kidsarefunny

I haven’t done a Things My Kids Said post since February—which is kind of ridiculous considering the fact that my kids regularly say absolutely hilarious (and absurd) things.

Ellie is particularly funny these days (both on purpose and accidentally), as you’ll be able to see from the ten random thoughts I collected from her over the last month or so…

things my kids said | is pixie dust fairy poop #kidsarefunny

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5 times daniel tiger was speaking directly to moms

What is it with Daniel Tiger? Any kid I know who has watched that guy is completely mesmerized by him. And any mother I know spends her days singing his songs in hopes of somehow dislodging them from her brain.

I might not remember what I’m supposed to do today, but I sure as hell can sing to you about getting to the potty on time.

The more I thought about this, the more I began to believe that that tricky little tiger has an ulterior motive.

The Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood website says that “Through imagination, creativity and music, Daniel and his friends learn the key social skills necessary for school and for life.” What they neglect to mention is that he’s also sending out secret messages to moms.

5 times daniel tiger was speaking directly to moms

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Things I Never Thought I'd Say | no phone in pull-up

You’ve heard some of the things my kids have said. They’re pretty hilarious and out there and sometimes brutally honest. But one day, as I was giving my wild one a stern talking to for trying to put my iPhone into her Pull-Up before bed, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. Hard. And I realized that it’s not just kids that say the darndest things. It’s parents too.

Things I Never Thought I'd Say | no phone in pull-up

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bedtime babyOn preschool nights Ellie has the worst time falling asleep. So many thoughts and conversations are swirling around in her little head and she just can’t shut them up.

I’ll read her a story (hopefully one that does not include Barbie) and get her all snuggled in bed and she’ll keep popping her head up, remembering a mermaid Katie brought in for show and tell or how the new boy didn’t know the rules (“He got up when we were in the circle, momma!”).

By the time her eyelids start drooping, I’m pretty sure she has given me a play-by-play of her entire school day.

I came downstairs one night, particularly exasperated at the length of time it took for her to fade and my husband just stared at me, smirking.

“Apples and trees, my friend.”

I looked at him in exaggerated horror. “What are you implying?”

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