Deck My Walls | Whimsical Wall Art

The whole new year, clean slate, organizational rampage thing that happens to me in January inevitably leads to a burning desire to redecorate. Does anyone else go through this? Not only do I want to purge and go all KonMari method on my belongings, but I want to sort of revitalize everything too and breathe a little fresh air into whatever is feeling stagnant.

Right now, I’ve waged a war on our living room. The space has been more or less wasted for a while now and it makes me cringe a little. A little shuffling around here and there has pepped it up a bit, but now I’m looking to attack the walls.

Whimsical Wall Art | Old English Company ice cream print

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Kids Decor… for Grown-Ups

I have a soft spot for bright, whimsical decor. White walls with pops of color in unexpected combinations and lots of fun texture just reaches out and grabs me and gives me a big, happy hug. It’s sometimes a little kooky (although I prefer to call it quirky) and can dangerously straddle a line of color vomit, but that doesn’t really deter me. I like a good challenge, in fact.

Lately I’ve been noticing myself swooning over kids rooms more and more—and not just for the girls. I’ve been wanting to grab on to some of the ideas and sprinkle them all over my house.

kids decor for grown ups | chalkboard gallery wall

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10 More Fun, Free Desktop Wallpaper Designs

fun, free desktop wallpaper designsI was more than a little excited to notice that a post I did on free desktop wallpaper designs a couple of years ago has been pretty popular lately.

Not only does it mean that I’m not alone in my geekdom—at least in its relation to pretty, inspirational design—but it gave me what I considered a damn good excuse to scour the internet for more.

So I did. And I spent way too much time poking and prodding to find designs that not only look pretty, but give you a little extra motivation without being obnoxiously overachieving. Because we all want to do good things, right? We just don’t need to shackle ourselves to doing them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It’s a lesson I’m desperately trying to learn for myself, so I figured at least a few of you might be in the same boat.

Here’s to being balanced boss bitches.

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Life-Changing Magic… and Shit

By now you’ve probably heard of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, right? It’s basically a guide to decluttering written by Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo. I was seeing it again and again in my Instagram feed and heard it mentioned in a few of my favorite podcasts. The more I heard, the more it sounded like people loved it and truly found it life-changing or they just didn’t get it and couldn’t get through.

I became obsessed with knowing which camp I fell into.

life-changing magic of tidying up reviewAt first, I had a sort of love-hate relationship with the book. The kind where sometimes you’re all nods and warm fuzzy “hell yeahs!” and the next you’re envisioning yourself throwing your Nook directly at your window because watching the glass shatter would bring you so much more joy than reading one more sentence (Kondo’s whole method of decluttering centers around holding something in your hands and deciding whether or not it brings you joy).

But then it started to sink in a little. To sort of melt into the folds of my brain and really make me think. This book isn’t just about cleaning. It’s about life. It’s about consciously choosing joy every single time you make a decision. That’s where the whole “life-changing magic” comes in.

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Welcome to the Jungalow

My thumb may be black as a moonless night, but that doesn’t make me any less obsessive about plants. And, right now, I’m hardcore obsessing.

Maybe it’s emerging from the dreariness of a northeastern winter that does it. Or maybe it’s just the buds bursting on all of the trees outside my kitchen window. Whatever it is, it happens at this time every year. I desperately want to become a plant person.

Usually I focus on flowers for outside, but this year I decided that I want to turn my house into a jungalow. Inspired by Justina Blakeney and her magical bohemian spaces that are filled with color and layers and wild greenery, I want to go all out…

… so of course I had to window shop the internet for beautiful green interiors to draw inspiration from.

indoor plants as home decor

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