7 Awesome Shelfies

We recently acquired an old family hutch from my brother-in-law. After playing a bit of Tetris to figure out where the heck we could fit it, I became obsessive about styling it (because obsessive is kind of my middle name). I’ve been seeing gorgeous shelfies (I love that word, #sorrynotsorry) all over Pinterest and Instagram, but when I go to fill a shelf it usually looks like a hot, unkempt mess no matter how hard I try to be cool and artsy.

So I decided to do what I usually do and get completely lost down the Pinterest rabbit hole. And to make myself feel better about all of the time I lost there, I put together a blog post of some of my favorite shelf decorating ideas so that I could call it “work” and share it with anyone else who hates what their shelves look like.

inspiring shelf decorating ideas

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Obsession of the Moment | Letterfolk


letterfolk letterboard obsession

We’ve established the fact that I’m a word nerd. Reading and writing and rambling are kind of my things. For as long as I can remember, words have excited me. So it’s really not that strange that when Letterfolk‘s modernized letterboards started popping up again and again (and again) in my Instagram feed, I was smitten. When I realized that the small company is run by Johnny and Joanna of Our Freaking Budget, I was straight up in love.

The idea of taking words and turning them into art that can be changed on a whim is something I love. I’ve done posts on word wall art and words on handmade pieces and even making a quick piece of DIY word art yourself. But for me, these letterboards are some other level shit. I can change it up depending on my mood (which, my husband will be happy to verify changes often). I can use it as a photo prop. I can lean it or hang it or let the girls practice spelling and writing on it. These things are awesome.

In case my gushing isn’t enough to convince you, I’ve grabbed some photos of Letterfolk letterboards from Instagram to show you different ways people have been using these guys.

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Deck My Walls | Whimsical Wall Art

The whole new year, clean slate, organizational rampage thing that happens to me in January inevitably leads to a burning desire to redecorate. Does anyone else go through this? Not only do I want to purge and go all KonMari method on my belongings, but I want to sort of revitalize everything too and breathe a little fresh air into whatever is feeling stagnant.

Right now, I’ve waged a war on our living room. The space has been more or less wasted for a while now and it makes me cringe a little. A little shuffling around here and there has pepped it up a bit, but now I’m looking to attack the walls.

Whimsical Wall Art | Old English Company ice cream print

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Kids Decor… for Grown-Ups

I have a soft spot for bright, whimsical decor. White walls with pops of color in unexpected combinations and lots of fun texture just reaches out and grabs me and gives me a big, happy hug. It’s sometimes a little kooky (although I prefer to call it quirky) and can dangerously straddle a line of color vomit, but that doesn’t really deter me. I like a good challenge, in fact.

Lately I’ve been noticing myself swooning over kids rooms more and more—and not just for the girls. I’ve been wanting to grab on to some of the ideas and sprinkle them all over my house.

kids decor for grown ups | chalkboard gallery wall

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10 More Fun, Free Desktop Wallpaper Designs

fun, free desktop wallpaper designsI was more than a little excited to notice that a post I did on free desktop wallpaper designs a couple of years ago has been pretty popular lately.

Not only does it mean that I’m not alone in my geekdom—at least in its relation to pretty, inspirational design—but it gave me what I considered a damn good excuse to scour the internet for more.

So I did. And I spent way too much time poking and prodding to find designs that not only look pretty, but give you a little extra motivation without being obnoxiously overachieving. Because we all want to do good things, right? We just don’t need to shackle ourselves to doing them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It’s a lesson I’m desperately trying to learn for myself, so I figured at least a few of you might be in the same boat.

Here’s to being balanced boss bitches.

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