The Perfect Gift for Foodies (and a RawSpiceBar Giveaway!)

RawSpiceBar monthly flavor kit, perfect gift for foodies

My husband is one of the trickiest people to shop for. Yes, I live with him. Yes, I know what he likes. But he doesn’t really need anything—and there are only so many kitchen gadgets you can get a guy who loves to cook before it gets old. Enter the RawSpiceBar monthly Flavor Kit, which includes unique freshly-ground spice blends and recipe ideas delivered to your loved one’s mailbox every month. Think spices like German Gingerbread, Indo-French Vadouvan and Peppercorn Chai. It’s an adventurous chef’s dream!

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Great Gift for Girls: LittleMissMatched Colorize Collection

LittleMissMatched sent us products for review, but opinions are all our own.

Tween girls can be so tough to buy gifts for. They’re at an age when they still like things that are childlike but they want to be seen and treated as older. Take my ten year old. One minute she’s using a variety of silly voices while playing Barbies with her sister and the next minute she’s shrieking that she doesn’t want to go to the movies because Moana is for babies (she loved it, by the way. She just would never admit it to you).

It is nearly impossible to purchase solid gifts for such fickle creatures.

But, once in a while, you stumble upon something that balances delicately in the sweet spot between little kid and big girl. The cool personalized stationery from my last post is a great example. Another sure hit? LittleMissMatched’s Colorize Collection. The collection, which includes different sock designs and a headphone set, allows girls to customize them by coloring in the designs themselves. My girls are big fans of LittleMissMatched to begin with, but having the ability to customize their socks took their love to a whole new level.

creative gift for girls littlemissmatched colorize collection

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Get Holiday Ready with Minted

This post is in partnership with Minted. All gushing (and stray drops of drool) are my own.

Usually when I think of Minted, I think of insanely beautiful invitations and cards.

You know when you’re going through a stack of Christmas cards and one feels so luxurious in your hand that you have to touch it for a little longer than necessary? That can’t be just me, right? Or the ones with designs that kind of make you want to frame them and hang them up on your wall… even if someone else’s family will be staring back at you? Yeah, well those are usually from Minted. And I’m a total sucker for them.

What I didn’t realize is that Minted also offers a variety of holiday gifts and decor that are just as drool worthy. Let’s take a little peek together…

Minted holiday gifts and decor | tree skirts

Who knew tree skirts could be so stinking beautiful? Yes, I’ve seen cute ones before. But these are some other level awesome without looking like someone had a little too much egg nog and vomited pent up holiday spirit under your tree. The graphic prints on these beauties are subtly festive and they get major bonus points for being reversible (kind of like dresses with pockets).

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8 Great Gifts for Moms

8 great gift ideas for mom

Sometimes it seems really simple to find great gifts for moms. Girls like things that look and smell pretty, right? But after a few gift-giving occasions throughout the year, it gets harder and harder to find something different that they’ll actually love… and that isn’t an exact repeat of the last gift you gave.

That’s why I took to the internet to find some really cool, pretty different gift ideas for moms that I wouldn’t mind unwrapping myself. Great for Mother’s Day, birthdays, pretty much any special occasion that pops up during the year, these gifts are sure to catch that special momma in your life by surprise and fill her up with happiness.

Also, I’ll take one of each. Thanks. 😉

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Gift Guide | My Wishlist

I’m exhausted, but do you know what makes me feel better? Tapping out for a few minutes to put together a collection of really pretty (and pretty damn serene) pieces that want to find under the tree this holiday season.

If you’re being pulled like taffy in a million different ways like I am, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to drift off into a world that’s all about you. It doesn’t matter if none of the pieces you find will actually make their way into your possession. What matters is taking a second to relax and give yourself a little smidge of the love you throw out to the rest of the universe.

And with that hippie dippy sentiment fresh in my head, I’m going to ease myself back into the madness…

gift guide for women

clockwise from top left: Urban Outfitters crescent planter // Have courage and be kind print by Indigo Eleven // Xhilaration pillow // Harry Potter pullover // Rachel Corcoran sister print // Brooklyn Global buddha planter // Farm2Fashion wrap // TOMS silver glitter wool classics // Urban Outfitters jewelry box // Emily McDowell mug

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