Wyatt Lily adorable kids clothing boutique

This post is sponsored by Wyatt Lily but opinions are our own.

Wyatt Lily adorable kids clothing boutique

If, like my girls and I, you’re a sucker for the girliest of girly fashion, you will absolutely love Wyatt Lily. Based out of Scarsdale, New York, this kids boutique carries the fluffiest, frilliest most adorable girls designer clothes on the planet.

Serving girls (and boys!) from newborn to tween, Wyatt Lily not only has a storefront, but they sell their designer clothes, gifts and accessories via their Instagram account as well—which means anyone anywhere can get in on the cuteness! You can scroll through their feed and then call the store to make your purchase without even having to put on a pair of pants. 😉

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boohoo kids collection: holiday style

boohoo provided us with clothes for review, but the opinions are our own.

Manchester-based online clothing retailer boohoo recently launched a kids collection to stand alongside their womens and mens lines and it is seriously adorable. The boohoo Kids’ Collection is filled with stylish and adorable clothes for the sassiest girls in your  life. I’m particularly feeling all of the sweet pieces that would work for holiday parties.

Before I show you what my girls picked out, I thought I’d pick out a few of my favorite pieces from the collection.

boohoo kids collection holiday style

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creative gift for girls littlemissmatched colorize collection

LittleMissMatched sent us products for review, but opinions are all our own.

Tween girls can be so tough to buy gifts for. They’re at an age when they still like things that are childlike but they want to be seen and treated as older. Take my ten year old. One minute she’s using a variety of silly voices while playing Barbies with her sister and the next minute she’s shrieking that she doesn’t want to go to the movies because Moana is for babies (she loved it, by the way. She just would never admit it to you).

It is nearly impossible to purchase solid gifts for such fickle creatures.

But, once in a while, you stumble upon something that balances delicately in the sweet spot between little kid and big girl. The cool personalized stationery from my last post is a great example. Another sure hit? LittleMissMatched‘s Colorize Collection. The collection, which includes different sock designs and a headphone set, allows girls to customize them by coloring in the designs themselves. My girls are big fans of LittleMissMatched to begin with, but having the ability to customize their socks took their love to a whole new level.

creative gift for girls littlemissmatched colorize collection

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LittleMissMatched sisters

LittleMissMatched sisters

Getting dressed around here is quite an event. In fact, some days you would swear that these girls of mine were prepping themselves for the Academy Awards. There are wardrobe changes, spritzes of perfume, lip gloss application, and lots of twirling in front of their full length mirror.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a struggle to get to this point where I just let them be. In fact, it was really, really hard to let go of my control freak tendencies and my desire to have my girls look like they came skipping from the pages of an expensive catalog.

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owning their style

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Carter’s. I received a complimentary gift card to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation. Cute children and opinions are all mine.

owning their style

My girls are nothing if not fearless fashionistas. While their momma is perfectly content in a solid rotation of v-neck tees, jeans, and TOMS that smell like they’ve been worn all summer, these children of mine treat getting dressed in the morning as a ceremony for the super fabulous.

There is combing through closets. There are accessories. There is lipstick application and ballerina-like twirls in front of the mirror. I’m not allowed to touch their hair, but aside from that, getting dressed is a sacred ritual that is not to be messed with.

Ellie has even started quietly creeping out of bed like the bite-sized ninja she is and dressing herself fully (lipgloss, armful of bracelets and all) before shaking me awake and asking in her best Valley girl voice if she looks beautiful—where does a four-year old pick up a Valley girl lilt in the first place?!

As summer vacation rolls to an end, I started thinking about what this fashion obsession would mean for the school year. There is no way these opinionated ladies o’ mine will go from the absolute freedom of summer to a rigid wardrobe without a battle. It’s already been made clear that there will be no makeup and there will most certainly be daily hair brushing by mom. But the whole picking out their outfits and forcing them into submission thing? It’s not really worth the struggle for me.

These girls already see getting dressed as expressions of who they are. As long as it’s appropriate, why take that away from them?

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