Cold Weather Skincare

I’m plagued by skin issues—especially in the colder months. Rosacea and eczema make just about my whole body red and itchy and leave me wanting nothing more than to hibernate until buds start popping up on the trees again. Not fun.

Since October is Eczema Awareness Month, I teamed up with Aveeno to have some cold weather skincare questions answered by a widely-recognized dermatologist. Dr. Jeanine B. Downie answered some of my pressing questions… and maybe a few of yours too!

cold weather skincare: an interview with dermatologist Dr. Jeanine B. Downie

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promoting wellness and self care

I’m a little bit obsessive about promoting wellness and self care. Especially for busy, over-worked, trying-to-do-it-all mommas. I may stumble as much as the next girl (most notably when my best frenemy sugar is involved), but I try to live my best life—and encourage you to do the same.

For me, that means using as many natural, nontoxic products as much as possible—which is why I’m a tiny bit obsessed with green cleaning and DIY beauty products. It’s also why I love LOVE GOODLY, a cruelty-free, eco, nontoxic bimonthly subscription box service that donates 5% of each purchase to a charitable cause.

I’m a guest editor over on their blog today. To celebrate, I’m giving you guys two spoilers for what’s sure to be an awesome first anniversary box this August/September (shipping 8/15). I’m also hosting a little giveaway.

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Wellness Challenge | Move More

wellness challenge | move more

I have always done really well with a challenge. It’s why I lose weight every time I count points or calories. It becomes something I need to do to prove something to myself. My problem usually comes when the challenge ends. It’s way too easy to slip back to “normal” once you’ve reached your goal.

That’s why I’m approaching these monthly Wellness Challenges as both challenges and habits. Yes, I plan to focus on something specific each month. But once that month ends, I’m not going to drop it. Instead, I’m going to build on it. I’m going to take the challenge I’ve worked at and add something on top of it.

Last month I did really well drinking more water, thanks in part to the deliciousness of iced green and herbal teas (this one has been my favorite). I used my Fitbit app to track my intake, mostly because it’s really simple and just requires me to put the amount of ounces I drank into my phone (for me, that’s much easier than logging it on paper). I have ended up getting to a place where I drink just about a gallon every day. That is a huge improvement for someone who used to go through most of the day without finishing my glass of water.

Now I want to take that momentum and add another layer to the challenge.

This month I want to move more.

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Wellness Challenge | Drink More Water

wellness challenge: drink more water

So much of the health and fitness content I see out there in the universe focuses on the wrong things. I’m tired of continually coming across the best ways to get a bikini body or the skinny on getting skinny. Blech.

I’m sorry, but the world does not begin and end with a thigh gap.

I would much rather feel healthy and know that I’m strong than fit into a teeny tiny bikini. That’s why I’ve decided to look at my heath and wellness from a whole new perspective—and I want to bring you along for the ride!

I’ve always been a big fan of baby steps. The smallest little changes can slowly turn into habits that completely change our world. So let’s use that to benefit our health. Starting today, I’m going to run a series of monthly wellness challenges that I hope will slowly but surely help us make healthier choices.

This month’s challenge?

Drink more water.

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Children’s Book Quotes for Grown-Ups

children's book quotes for grown-ups (with free printables!)

Sometimes when I’m reading a book to one of my girls, a line will pop out at me that sort of blows my mind. It’s so honest and so to the point and something adults so desperately need to hear and to remember—and yet it’s tucked away quietly in the pages of a kid’s book, where no one is likely to go out in search of it.

But children’s books are often little treasure troves of truth. Everything is broken down so simply, which is something adults generally have a hard time doing. We think and rethink and then overthink some more. But sometimes—most of the time?—it’s much easier than that.

I collected five of my favorite quotes from children’s literature that can serve as reminders to grown-ups and kids alike. If you like them, you can sign up to have them sent directly to your inbox where you can print them out to hang around the house. Otherwise, pin them for later when you can use a pick me up. 

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