Bad Ass Babes | #BadAssMoms Edition

thredUP's #badassmoms: Karina Linch

This post is sponsored by thredUP, but all opinions are mine.

Bad Ass Babes is a series that features women who have gone out into the universe and made it a better, more interesting place. These are the women who make the world go ’round. The women that our daughters need to know about and hear about and learn from.

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a nice, feisty bad ass babe. So instead of delivering you just one, I’ve partnered with thredUP (my favorite online secondhand clothes retailer) to celebrate the one year anniversary of their #badassmoms series.

Throughout the last year, #badassmoms has celebrated some incredible women who are defining a new norm. These ladies are making modern choices, building supportive communities, and turning their dreams into reality. The women featured have been from all over the country, with different points of view and different lifestyles. They’ve discussed topics from parenting to health to entrepreneurialism to life after loss, in a way that is brutally honest, and unapologetic. These ladies are true bad asses.

I picked three of my favorites to highlight here. What I love about these women is that they each figured out what they wanted in life and found a way to make it happen, no matter what the obstacles may be.

thredUP's #badassmoms: Karina Linch

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Cold Weather Skincare

cold weather skincare: an interview with dermatologist Dr. Jeanine B. Downie

I’m plagued by skin issues—especially in the colder months. Rosacea and eczema make just about my whole body red and itchy and leave me wanting nothing more than to hibernate until buds start popping up on the trees again. Not fun.

Since October is Eczema Awareness Month, I teamed up with Aveeno to have some cold weather skincare questions answered by a widely-recognized dermatologist. Dr. Jeanine B. Downie answered some of my pressing questions… and maybe a few of yours too!

What is it about the colder weather that makes my skin so angry?

A decrease in ambient humidity in the air, which leads to the skin being more dry. Unfortunately, the skin can become more itchy and then we scratch. This makes the skin angry. It is all about the decrease in ambient humidity because the weather is colder.

Is there anything I can do for my skin to prepare it for colder temperatures in advance?

Hydrate your skin by using Aveeno® Eczema Therapy Itch Relief Balm at least twice a day. This will provide wonderful hydration so that your skin doesn’t dry out and become itchy. Other things you can do include limiting your cologne/perfume and switching to all cotton or breathable fabrics for clothing that you wear. I never recommend wool for anybody who has dry skin, and definitely not if they have eczema.

Do you have any special advice for those of us suffering from rosacea and/or eczema?

Yes, I do! Many of my patients suffer from both. Rosacea typically flares from sun and stress. What I recommend is that rosacea patients decrease their stress level by exercising. Unfortunately when you exercise, your skin can also get red so I do recommend you drink ice water which will cool your face down rapidly. Therefore you can break the vicious cycle that stress has on rosacea.

In addition, rosacea patients need to wear sunblock (like everyone else) every day, rain or shine, January through December REGARDLESS of ethnicity. Wearing sunblock and reapplying is one of the key ways to make sure the rosacea is not flaring.

Other triggers for rosacea include spicy foods, steamy hot foods like pasta, red wine, coffee… I’m not saying that you may not have any of these things, all I am saying is that these things can also make your skin turn red thereby flaring your rosacea.

Special advice includes limiting scented products, moisturizing, using all-free detergents, sleeping with a humidifier, keeping nails cut super short so you don’t scratch and get a bad bacterial infection. 

What is your skin care routine like?

My personal skincare routine is complicated. As a kid, I had eczema and acne. As an adult, I have eczema, acne, rosacea, and malasma (I am not happy but I do what I can).

Anything I put on my face must be oil free or it will break me out with a vengeance. I tend to use glycolic acid cleansers from SkinMedica that are anti-aging to wash my face morning and night. After this, I use a sunscreen every single day that I reapply multiple times during the day. I am actually one of those annoying dermatologists who practice what I preach. You’ll never catch me smoking because that will flare my rosacea and make it much worse. I exercise every day, and I eat more vegetables than I care to.

Going back to my routine, I then put on an anti-aging moisturizer and if I have a particular acne pimple I am trying to defeat, a little bit of prescription Tazorac cream on that bump. By the way, I never use anything greasy in my hair because that would break me out around my hairline and not be attractive. Greasy hair stuff does not work for me nor do I recommend it for my patients.

Mid-day is much more sunscreen and potentially more anti-aging moisturizer. At night, I take every stitch of makeup off, which everyone should but nobody does. I use Latisse for my eyelashes, TNS essential serum and Lytera for my melasma and rosacea as well as a moisturizer and a retinol like Tazorac for pimples. It is hilarious and annoying all in the same breath. Fortunately for me, my skin looks 15-20 years younger than I actually am so I think it might be working. Aren’t you sorry you asked me this question?

What are your top tips for healthy, glowing skin all year long?

I drink a ton of water and I recommend everybody drink a ton of water. 8 glasses for someone who weighs 120 pounds. 11 is for someone who weighs 151 pounds. Extrapolate based on your weight. Water is important for your skin. I drink no alcohol, no coffee and no tea. You can have healthy glowing skin if you drink these things, I just don’t.

Other tips include exercising regularly (4 days a week for a min of 45 minutes). One should vary between weights and cardio, pilates and yoga. Make sure you have proper form so your efforts are not wasted. As Americans, we tend to overeat and under exercise.

I also recommend that people put on sunblock with at least an SPF of 30 and reapply throughout the course of the day, even if they’re just sitting by a sunny window and not actually going outside.

I recommend that you hydrate your skin properly by using moisturizer all over your body after your shower in the morning, and again at night. As well as a separate moisturizer that is based on your skin type for your face.

Finally, I recommend that patients understand their pore size has to do with family history, smoking and sun damage. If you truly want smaller pores, sunblock is critical and if you smoke, you should quit for a wide variety of reasons including the impact it has on your pore size. I have about another 50 pages of information I can give you on this, but I think that’s it for now.

P.S. Don’t pick at your skin, ever. Oh and I recommend at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

cold weather skincare: an interview with dermatologist Dr. Jeanine B. Downie Jeanine B. Downie, M.D of Image Dermatology is licensed to practice not only in New Jersey but also in California and New York. Board certified by the American Board of Dermatology, she is also a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. Her reputation for excellence and personal patient care has made her one of the most sought-after physicians in our country. She has consistently received the honor of recognition as one of Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors in the New York Metropolitan area. Dr. Downie has appeared on many TV shows and her melanoma segment on Fox 5 Sports and MSG Network was nominated for an Emmy. 

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promoting wellness and self care

promoting wellness and self care

I’m a little bit obsessive about promoting wellness and self care. Especially for busy, over-worked, trying-to-do-it-all mommas. I may stumble as much as the next girl (most notably when my best frenemy sugar is involved), but I try to live my best life—and encourage you to do the same.

For me, that means using as many natural, nontoxic products as much as possible—which is why I’m a tiny bit obsessed with green cleaning and DIY beauty products. It’s also why I love LOVE GOODLY, a cruelty-free, eco, nontoxic bimonthly subscription box service that donates 5% of each purchase to a charitable cause.

I’m a guest editor over on their blog today. To celebrate, I’m giving you guys two spoilers for what’s sure to be an awesome first anniversary box this August/September (shipping 8/15). I’m also hosting a little giveaway.

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Wellness Challenge | Move More

wellness challenge | move more

wellness challenge | move more

I have always done really well with a challenge. It’s why I lose weight every time I count points or calories. It becomes something I need to do to prove something to myself. My problem usually comes when the challenge ends. It’s way too easy to slip back to “normal” once you’ve reached your goal.

That’s why I’m approaching these monthly Wellness Challenges as both challenges and habits. Yes, I plan to focus on something specific each month. But once that month ends, I’m not going to drop it. Instead, I’m going to build on it. I’m going to take the challenge I’ve worked at and add something on top of it.

Last month I did really well drinking more water, thanks in part to the deliciousness of iced green and herbal teas (this one has been my favorite). I used my Fitbit app to track my intake, mostly because it’s really simple and just requires me to put the amount of ounces I drank into my phone (for me, that’s much easier than logging it on paper). I have ended up getting to a place where I drink just about a gallon every day. That is a huge improvement for someone who used to go through most of the day without finishing my glass of water.

Now I want to take that momentum and add another layer to the challenge.

This month I want to move more.

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Wellness Challenge | Drink More Water

wellness challenge: drink more water

wellness challenge: drink more water

So much of the health and fitness content I see out there in the universe focuses on the wrong things. I’m tired of continually coming across the best ways to get a bikini body or the skinny on getting skinny. Blech.

I’m sorry, but the world does not begin and end with a thigh gap.

I would much rather feel healthy and know that I’m strong than fit into a teeny tiny bikini. That’s why I’ve decided to look at my heath and wellness from a whole new perspective—and I want to bring you along for the ride!

I’ve always been a big fan of baby steps. The smallest little changes can slowly turn into habits that completely change our world. So let’s use that to benefit our health. Starting today, I’m going to run a series of monthly wellness challenges that I hope will slowly but surely help us make healthier choices.

This month’s challenge?

Drink more water.

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