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Children’s Book Quotes for Grown-Ups

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children's book quotes for grown-ups (with free printables!)

children's book quotes for grown-ups (with free printables!)

Sometimes when I’m reading a book to one of my girls, a line will pop out at me that sort of blows my mind. It’s so honest and so to the point and something adults so desperately need to hear and to remember—and yet it’s tucked away quietly in the pages of a kid’s book, where no one is likely to go out in search of it.

But children’s books are often little treasure troves of truth. Everything is broken down so simply, which is something adults generally have a hard time doing. We think and rethink and then overthink some more. But sometimes—most of the time?—it’s much easier than that.

I collected five of my favorite quotes from children’s literature that can serve as reminders to grown-ups and kids alike. If you like them, you can sign up to have them sent directly to your inbox where you can print them out to hang around the house. Otherwise, pin them for later when you can use a pick me up. 

Children's Book Quotes for Grown-Ups | Mo Willems

from Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

Children's Book Quotes for Grown-Ups | JK Rowling

from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Children's Book Quotes for Grown-Ups | Roald Dahl

from Matilda

Children's Book Quotes for Grown-Ups | Lewis Carroll

from Alice in Wonderland

Children's Book Quotes for Grown-Ups | Norton Juster

from The Phantom Tollbooth

Do you have some favorite children’s book quotes that I missed?

If you do, leave them in the comments and I might turn them into printable graphics too. Otherwise, check out some of our favorite children’s books or join my virtual book club to up your grown-up book reading game. 😉


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