FREE Must-Read Children’s Books Printable

favorite children's books (with free printable to keep track)
We’re big, fat book nerds over here. Through weekly trips to the library and countless hours spent with stacks of books at Barnes and Noble, my girls and I have read a whole lot of children’s books. Some were sweet. Some were laugh-out-loud funny. Some made me scratch my head and wonder how the hell they ever got published.

Through the years we have cultivated a list of favorites. We consider them classics. Some have been around longer than I have. Others aren’t as old as my preschooler. But all of them have helped make my girls excited, voracious readers.

I put together a list of 30 of our favorite children’s books and made a fun little printable library card to help track your reading. Just enter your email below and the printable (along with a list of links to each of the books) will be delivered directly to your inbox!

We read a lot of books. If you’re interested in others that we love, make sure you check out my #kidslitpick hashtag on Instagram and take a look at some of these old posts.

30 must-read children's books printableSome of our favorite children’s books:

Now, if I’ve missed one that you consider an absolute classic, don’t be afraid to call me out on it. In fact, I want you to! Maybe it was an oversight that will leave me slapping my forehead in shame. Maybe I haven’t discovered it yet. Either way, I want to know about it!