DIY Shipping Pallet Furniture

DIY shipping pallet furniture: bed

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of both DIY and repurposing otherwise unwanted things (aka upcycling). Combining the two and saving money in the process is enough to make me salivate.

That’s why I’m sort of obsessing over the idea of shipping pallet furniture right now.

Super cheap (just run over to Home Depot and ask if you can take a few off their hands!) and relatively easy, it’s the perfect way to add a unique piece of eco-friendly furniture–that is sure to be a conversation starter–to the rest of your decor.

The key is adding details that dress up the wood so that your friends and family have to do a double take to realize what it’s made out of. It will make it so much more rewarding!

Here are a few of my favorites:

DIY shipping pallet furniture: bed

DIY shipping pallet furniture: tv stand

DIY shipping pallet furniture: dining table

DIY shipping pallet furniture: day bed

DIY shipping pallet furniture: coffee table

I love that the pallets have built-in storage space. It makes it that much easier for those of us who weren’t shop class superstars (that would be me) to create something really functional–without pesky trips to the ER.

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