Pintervention: Easy, Peasy Microwave Cleaning

Can we talk about Pinterest for a second? I’m kind of obsessed. As I’m typing this I have 4,277 pins on my various Pinterest boards. That may seem slightly insane. Shit, it might even be slightly insane. But it’s addicting.

Whether I’m looking for gift inspiration, planning a party or brainstorming for projects, Pinterest helps me collect all of the things that catch my interest in one spot (this, by the way, is a way better option than the millions of magazine pages and scraps of paper with websites scrawled all over them that I used to collect).

Still, it seems a little excessive considering I have 679 pins on my Crafty/DIY board alone and I’ve only done a handful of them. I mean, why do I keep collecting this shit if I’m not going to do anything with it?

That’s why I’ve decided to stage a Pintervention–for you and for me. Instead of continuing to collect stuff I never use (a running theme in my life), I’m going to channel my obsession into action and actually do something with them. With each of these posts I’ll try out something I pinned and show you exactly how it turned out. No fluff. No practice runs. I’ll show you what to expect before you try it.

Since I’m starting January out on an organizational rampage, I thought a cleaning tip would be a good one to start out with (after all, what’s the point in organizing if everything is filthy anyway?).

Let us turn to the microwave.

easy microwave cleaning tip via Cuddles and Chaos

So this is where I get all embarrassed and turn into a tomato face because you are getting an up close and personal look of how filthy my microwave was. I’d like to say that I let it build up on purpose so I could really show you how this tip works. But that’s bullshit. My microwave was disgusting and I wanted to clean it with the least amount of effort possible.

Enter this microwave cleaning tip I found on Pinterest (orginally from One Good Thing by Jillee). The claim is that you can steam clean your filthy microwave with ease by filling a measuring cup with 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of hot water and then microwaving it for 10 minutes.

When I went to the website and checked it out, I was a little scared at the note of caution about super-heated liquids exploding. Call me a chicken shit, but even the remote possibility of shards of glass flying all up in my face is a little off putting. I decided to try it for seven minutes (while watching/listening from afar).

When the time was up I let it sit in there for a couple of minutes, mostly because I’m one of the least graceful people I know and I don’t play well with steaming hot liquids that I need to transfer to the sink.

Once it cooled down I moved the measuring cup to the sink, took a wet rag, and wiped the inside down. It took a little bit of rubbing but most of the gunk that was in there came off with nothing but water. There was just a stubborn little ring in the middle that didn’t come out:

microwave cleaning: stubborn spot

When it was obvious that water was not going to do the trick, I turned to my secret weapon: my Magic Eraser. I gave the spot a little rub and it came right out.

VERDICT: This tip is definitely pinworthy. Not only will you look like a master cleaner every time you use it, but you can totally sit and paint your toes while the microwave does (most of) the work. Score!

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  1. I use water and lemon juice. I don’t like the idea of chemicals in the microwave… When you think about how long the smell of popcorn lingers… You know. Did the vinegar smell cling?

    1. I’m with you! I just switched over to almost all homemade cleaners. It’s easy, cheaper, and I’m not worrying about what chemicals my toddler might be licking off the table (…or floor).

      And no! The vinegar smell didn’t cling, which is something I was a little skeptical about. My six-year old has the most sensitive nose ever so I would’ve heard aaaaaall about it when she walked in if I didn’t notice it myself!

  2. I’ve heard of lemon juice but not vinegar. This is even easier because I usually have vinegar on hand but not lemon juice. Hmm, I’ll have to give it a whirl. My microwave gets pretty nasty with a teenager in the house that’s addicted to Hot Pockets. UGH.

  3. Ohh man I really need to get Pinterest! Love your idea of a Pintervention Jen – there are so many great ideas out there but we just don’t put it into action to make our lives cooler hahaha! Good microwave tip, never ever heard of that before! 😀 (It’s okay, we’re not judging you on your microwave cleanliness status!)

  4. Girl, I am totally doing this. I’m like you – I feel a strong desire to start the year off by going room to room through my house and just organizing the bejesus out of it. Pinning this so I don’t forget!!

  5. OMG! I actually stopped reading your blog to go try this and report back! THANK YOU!!! Clean the microwave has been on my to-do list for the last two weeks and the mess scared me so much that every time I opened it, I just closed it right back up again. Move on, my brain said. There’s nothing to see here. It worked awesome!! Heading to Pinterest to find a way to clean my cooktop!

    1. Ooooh, definitely report back and let me know if you find any awesome cooktop cleaning tips! I’ve been using my homemade grease cutter (2 cups of warm water, 1/4 cup of Castille soap, 10 drops of essential oil) and it works pretty fantastically. I usually spray it on there, let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then wipe. Most of the stuff comes right off!

  6. I knew I could turn to Pinterest with my problem and get a reliable answer!
    I took a chance on your ‘recipe’, as I didn’t have lemon juice and the others I read only called for a ‘splash’ of vinegar, and my microwave was naaaaaaaastttttttty!
    It worked really well! (and the hot vinegar/water is working on the hard water crust on the faucet!)

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