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I’m not good at lying, so I’m not going to pretend here. I am not prepared for the school year to start. I know that a lot of the country is already back in the swing of things, but my girls have another month before the big yellow bus comes rolling down our street. And I’m not so good with the whole preparedness thing (although sometimes I really do try).

That’s sort of my major problem: a lack of preparation. I always have good intentions, but my complete and utter lack of preparation sidelines my big plans more often than not. I’m really good at making lists of things to do. But the getting started part? Not so much.

So I’m going to try to be better this year. And when Emily and Erin from Elizabeth Joan Designs emailed me to see if I’d be interested in their Back to School Blog Hop, I knew exactly what I could do to make sure my good intentions come to fruition this year.

free lunch box jokes printable by Cuddles and Chaos

Last year I got into the habit of tucking little notes into Samantha’s lunch box. Sometimes they said I love you or they told her to have a fabulous day. Sometimes they were song lyrics that were stuck in my head that I knew would make her laugh. And sometimes they were jokes. She loved getting notes every day and especially loved trying to see if she could figure out the answers to the jokes.

The problem? Some mornings (OK, most mornings) I was running a little behind schedule and didn’t have time to look up funny jokes that I could sneak into her lunch box. I kept telling myself all school year that at some point I’d take a half hour or so to scour the internet and make a list of jokes that I could refer to.

But I’ve done even better! I put together a list of 40 silly jokes and made a free printable so that you guys can use them too. I even included a blank page for days when you want to write in your own special note.

All we have to do is print these little guys out (do it on card stock if you have any—it stands up to any spills better!), cut them, and leave them in the kitchen for days when time is not exactly on our side—which is every day for me.

Here’s a sample page:

free lunch box notes printable sampleTo print them just click this link, open the file and hit print! It’s so easy. There really are no excuses!

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    1. My younger daughter is in preschool so I was just thinking after this post went live that I should think of something that works in a pinch for her too. I’m not sure what yet, but the brainstorming has begun!

      I hope your daughter likes these as much as mine does!

    1. I started off saying that I would just write a little note once in awhile to surprise her, but my daughter got really into it and started looking forward to them. She would come home from school and say all scoldingly “You forgot to write me a nooooote.” So much pressure! I’m hoping this will relieve some of it. Haha!

    1. Haha! I was going through a list of jokes with my daughter and sometimes she would just look at me like “Really Mom?!” I tried to keep the list to jokes she thought were funny— but I may have snuck in one or two that cracked me up 😉

  1. These make me laugh! I was listening to K-LOVE on the radio today and they talked about a boy whose father always put notes in his lunch boxes and that it really helped since school was socially hard for him. I would love to bring a little sunshine to my boy’s day with these even if he didn’t have it rough at school!
    Corinna – For My Love Of recently posted…Framed Agate Slices + Giveaway!

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