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Taylor Swift's style

Aside from the fact that I can never, ever, ever get her song out of my head (get it? Because that’s how the song goes?…), I happen to seriously love Taylor Swift’s style. While she may not be anything like the typical mommy-on-the-go that I usually pull style inspiration from, her mix of femininity and comfort is something that I adore.

Taylor Swift's style

Taylor / Mossimo scoop neck sweater / Volcom bag / ASOS skirt / Sam & Libby flatss

I happen to think she’s adorable and she seems genuine and sweet. I was appalled to find out that my husband is less than impressed with her (seriously, who is he impressed with?). In fact, he wants to know who she hasn’t slept with since she writes songs about so many famous boys. But just because she hangs out with someone and has a little crush doesn’t mean she sleeps with him. Right? Right?! What kind of hussies does he hang out with anyway?

I digress. No matter what you think of the girl, you can’t argue that this is a really cute look. I’m a big fan of the mustard pleated skirt and the fact that she didn’t shy away from color. In fact, she embraced it. I wouldn’t have thought to pair mustard with red and blue–but now I will!

The other thing I love about this look? Each of the pieces are incredibly versatile (with the exception of maybe the mustard skirt. OK. Definitely the mustard skirt). A dark sweater and red flats are staples for a fall wardrobe–they can be mixed and matched with so many different things! And that cobalt bag? It’s a hot color at the moment and would add a pretty pop to just about any outfit.

I love it when celebrities wear outfits that are so doable for a real girl and her real girl budget. Now if only I could find the perfect red lipstick and get someone to make my curls look like that…

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    1. It really is tough! I tried to find an affordable cable knit sweater like the Ralph Lauren one she’s wearing and had no luck! I like the one I ended up finding though– plus it’s from Target so it wouldn’t hurt my wallet too badly!

  1. I love this look, and it seems that that mustard yellow seems to be the colour of choice lately for celebrities! Somehow I have to agree with your hubby on being less than impressed about her :p I’m not saying she sleeps with all them men but man, she seems to be going through LOADS of men in short periods of time! Somehow she still manages to project the cute/innocent vibe and that’s really difficult to pull off! 😀

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