Hey Girl | Pregnancy Edition

hey girl pregnancy edition: body pillow

In honor of the destined-to-be gorgeous bun that’s baking away in Eva Mendes’ oven, I thought it was absolutely essential to create some pregnancy-related Hey Girl images. You know, for the betterment of society—not at all so that I could drool at pictures of the incredibly handsome father-to-be…

hey girl pregnancy edition:  body pillowhey girl pregnancy edition: back massagehey girl pregnancy edition: baby registryhey girl pregnancy edition: baby registryhey girl pregnancy edition: slushie runhey girl pregnancy edition: baby namesSeriously though, is there any possibility that the baby gosling could be anything but gorgeous? I mean, Eva Mendes + Ryan Gosling = yowza. Am I right?

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  1. I came across your blog from the BloggyMoms Blog Hop…When the first thing I saw was Ryan Gosling I KNEW I was going to like your blog! Love the memes… How about “Hey Girl, I’d love to make dinner, clean, and do laundry!” haha.. Can’t wait to catch up on your archives!
    Caroline recently posted…Joggin’ Strollin’ Mommas Get It!

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