Just Ask Sam: Hanukkah Edition

Hanukkah set

This is my recurring column in which my brilliant six-year old answers all of life’s most serious questions better than you can (don’t believe me? Check out her take on the election and the history of Thanksgiving). Today my non-Jewish, non-religious daughter is talking Hanukkah.

Hanukkah set

Two years or so ago I overhead a conversation between Samantha and her cousin Jack. Obsessed with teaching others anything she possibly could from a young age (also known as being in full control of everything at all times), Sam had taken it upon herself to teach her (non-denominational Christian) cousin about Judaism–or as she put it: I’m gonna teach you Jewish.

When I walked into the room she was saying something like this:

There are eight days of Hannukah and every night you light a new candle. On the last night, a big ball of lights drops down from the sky while everyone is counting and there are fireworks.

I had to break it to the girl that she wasn’t exactly teaching her cousin “Jewish,” but she was telling him a little bit about Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July all at once.

In the two years since, her fascination with Hanukkah hasn’t waned much. In fact the number one item on her list for Santa last year was a KidKraft Hanukkah set complete with a menorah, dreidel, coins and latkes . And, uh, of course Santa brought it.

Hanukkah set

This year, I thought I’d get her latest thoughts on Hanukkah and share them.

Tell me something you know about Hanukkah.

Well, I know that you open gifts on Hanukkah and you eat lots of different things (like latkes. I love latkes!) and you light candles.

Is there anything about Hanukkah that makes you wish you celebrate it?


Do you know any Hanukkah traditions?

Friends and family come over and you have fun and play games like the dreidel.

What is the menorah?

You light a candle each night.

Can I add something else? I wish I celebrated Hanukkah because it seems like fun and lots of my friends celebrate it. My favorite part would be having fun with all of my friends and being with my family.

[Mother’s note: Um, is it just me or does this kid have a future in politics and/or beauty pageants with answers like these?]

Hanukkah set latkes

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  1. I married into a Jewish family, and I can tell you that she’s pretty much spot-on. Latkes are the only good thing about Hanukkah.

  2. I love this! She’s adorable. You’re right, her answers are very “beauty-pageant”…how sweet! I absolutely love the way that children are so excited to learn about new cultures and traditions! It gives me so much hope for the future 😉

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