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Kids Handmade Gift Guide

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kids handmade gift guide

Instead of heading to the toy store and picking up a mass-produced hunk of plastic that anyone with a TV could have thought of, why not step outside the box a little bit and get something unique and handmade? Aside from potentially becoming the cool relative who buys the awesome toys, you can also help small businesses make a little extra cash money money this holiday season.

Take a peek at some of the cool kids pieces I found on Etsy:

kids handmade gift guide

Armadillo Dreams toolbox set / Girlie Q’s pot holders and dish towel / Kat and Company jar of bugs sorting and counting set / Apple n Amos natural wood milk and cookies set / Rustic Patriot Girl slippers / Kitty Baby Love natural crayons / Keepsake Toys eco-friendly wooden balancing toy / A Shiny Beetle sushi felt food set / Bannor Toys cars / The Joyful Rabbit stuffed babushka

Now, don’t get me wrong. My girl has some things on her list that require a trip to the mall (or in my case, a Google shopping search) and I’m not about to disappoint her. All I’m doing is suggesting that you give some of these (incredibly awesome) options a little bit of thought.

I have a sneaking suspicion that they might just last longer than some of the cheap chunks of plastic you might otherwise throw under the tree–and most of them are friendlier to the environment too.

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11 thoughts on “Kids Handmade Gift Guide

  1. I actually want the Babushka for myself. She’s lovely. Also, in you last post on winter break survival, those macaroni snowflakes are so fun!!

  2. Everything. EVERYTHING! I want it all for my kids! OMG, why did it never dawn on me to shop Etsy for Christmas? Amazing!

  3. that tool set w the lil guys name is badass! Love it. I do my best to find unique toys..I mean we all fall victim to toys r us from time to time, but when I can, I try to shop boutiques/etsy etc. Great round up! I haven’t even started my xmas shopping like NOT ONE PERSON..kind of freaking out.

    1. I just had the same conversation with my mom. She hasn’t really started yet and hasn’t decorated or anything and is freaking out too. My love of Cyber Monday and my yearly gift wrapping party with my pal is pretty much the only reason I have so much done!

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