Local Love | Liberty Science Center (plus a giveaway!)

Local Love | Liberty Science Center

Local Love | Liberty Science CenterIt’s no secret that we love science in our house (I mean, who doesn’t love exploring why and how things work?!), so when Liberty Science Center invited us down to check out their Science, Sabers, and Star Wars weekend we were all “Oh, heck yes!”

My husband had to work at the last minute (which was a major bummer because he’s a huge Star Wars geek), so the girls and I made the trek down to New Jersey ourselves, happily listening to Harry Potter the whole way. It was brutally cold but totally worth it!

We started our trip out with a brunch and special meet and greet with R2D2 followed by a whole slew of Storm Troopers and other characters in the coolest outfits (complete with voice modifiers!). The kids were sort of in awe at first and it took a little while for them to walk up for photo opps but there were some intensely excited kids once they warmed up a bit. Also, the view of Manhattan was gorgeous!

Liberty Science Center | meeting R2D2 at Science, Sabers and Star WarsLiberty Science Center | Storm Troopers at Science, Sabers and Star WarsLiberty Science Center | view of Manhattan

Afterwards there was a special Jedi Training Camp where you could design and build your own light saber, learn about “the force” while exploring simple machines, and fly a Millennium Falcon drone. I absolutely loved that they built off of the excitement surrounding Star Wars and channeled that into being excited about science. It was brilliant!

After checking out all of the cool Star Wars stuff, we started exploring the rest of the exhibits. The motion simulator ride was awesome (I think the other mom inside and I screamed louder than the kids). Ellie absolutely loved the Sid the Science Kid exhibit (which will be there through May 15, 2016). Samantha was entranced by the Infection Connection exhibition and they both totally enjoyed exploring the Communication exhibition, where they could learn a little sign language, write with quills and try their hand at graffiti. They also thoroughly enjoyed the insane Infinity Climber, which is pretty much the coolest indoor play space in the history of the universe.

Liberty Science Center | Sid the Science Kid ExhibitLiberty Science Center | Sid the Science Kid Exhibit: exploring measurementLiberty Science Center| Infection ConnectionLiberty Science Center | Communication exhibitionLiberty Science Center | infinity climber

There wasn’t nearly enough time for us to explore everything (especially since the girls were still recovering from mono and tired pretty easily), but next time we definitely want to check out the Tesla Lightning Show and catch either an IMAX or 3D movie.

We can’t wait to go back soon with my husband, who is sure to get a kick out of all of the hands-on activities—and who can help split the girls up when the activities they’re interested in just don’t mesh.

Liberty Science Center | exploring the hands-on Nano mini-exhibitionLiberty Science Center | simple machines in the Our Hudson Home exhibition

Do you want to go to Liberty Science Center? They were cool enough to give me a family 4-pack to give away to one of you lucky readers.

All you have to do is leave a comment below letting me know which exhibit you’re excited to check out. Do you follow me on Facebook and Instagram? You can get an extra entry for each by leaving separate comments with your user names. I’ll choose a winner next Monday and contact you via email. Good luck!


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  1. Well of course it would be the infection connection! But that’s just for me hahaha I think the kids would love it too!!!

  2. I have twins age 5, boy and girl, and I am having total mom anxiety before they head to kindergarten in September! Places like Liberty science center, Bronx zoo, stepping stones always make me happy because I know there are places we can always explore together as a family. They adore each other, total BFFs, but I know as the school year starts and they got to different classes and play different sports and games etc, things may seem to be separate. I know they need their own identity and can’t wait for this post pre k life to start, but seeing them explore places together is awesome. Thanks for considering us for the passes! They are going to flip over Star Wars… The whole Luke and Lea twin thing flips them out!!

  3. My son enjoys watching the Science channel as well as Animal Planet. We’d love to see the infection connection but, I do work in the health care field so this may influence our choice

  4. We’ve never been to Liberty Science Center, but it looks awesome! Not sure which exhibit would be our favorite…maybe all of them! We love science & would be super excited to go!

  5. Hi Jen, The Infinity Climber sounds awesome! Would love to take Emma Rose and Lily! Hope you are well, Maureen

  6. Hello, my name is Jenny, and I would love to enter to win the tickets. I have three daughters and I am not working I would love to spend a day in the city with them at the liberty science Center . Thanks so much have a good day

  7. Just heard about this science center and have been wanting to take my 5 year old! He wants to see the sid the science kid exhibit!!

  8. I think my kids would LOVE the Sid the Science Kid exhibit and my son especially may not ever willingly leave the infinity climber. We were seriously considering hitting up the Liberty Science Center during spring break.

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