Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em: Lace Shorts

clockwise from top left: white, cobalt, hot pink, black, blush, blue

I always swoon a little when I see a pair of lace shorts, whether in a store or online–especially when said shorts have pretty scalloped edges. There’s something so feminine and pretty and somewhat unexpected about them. I guess it’s that you expect to see lace on lingerie and the occasional camisole, but shorts? Not so much.

Some people find them a little much. They think they’re a little too much like lingerie. I’m not about to traipse around town in lace hot shorts, but if they’re long enough I’m all for them.

Still, I don’t own a pair–yet.

Where do you fall on the lace shorts continuum? Are you a lace shorts cheerleader or do you think they’re just for harlots?

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  1. they aren’t my cup of tea…but I sell them to lots of clients…its definitely a fun way to incorporate lace into your wardrobe. Particularly digging the ivory ones with the chambray shirt! Popping by from Monday Mingle. Best C

  2. I love the navy ones! As long as they are long enough I’m all for them. Although I don’t actually own any yet. 😉

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