Mellow Yellow

big yellow earrings by The Peach Tree

big yellow earrings by The Peach Tree

big yellow earrings by The Peach Tree

So, I’m not really a yellow person. I’ve mentioned before that I tend to gravitate towards water colors and jewel tones, which is why it’s weird that I’ve been loving on citrus hues lately.

I think my objection to the color is because it completely washes me out. There’s just a little too much yellow in my skin tone for me to rock yellow.

So every time I try on a super cute lemon shirt or dress, I end up looking like I’m battling the flu or some other energy-sucking sickness. Let’s just say it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Lately, I’ve had a bit of a change of heart (maybe it’s because I haven’t been confronted by the sight of myself in yellow for a while?).

Yellow is just so happy, isn’t it? It’s bright and it’s cheerful and it alludes to sunshine and summertime and fluffy baby chicks. How could it not lift your mood?

I’m specifically drawn to yellow when it’s paired with a crisp, bright white. The combination just seems to make both colors brighter and more lively.

They make you want to do a little happy dance, don’t they?

I want to surround myself in this yellow goodness and create my own little happy bubble that nothing can burst!

mello yellow

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