My Week Through Instagram

instagram swing shotA more appropriate title this week would be “My Weekend Through Instagram” since that seems to be all I took shots of this week. But it was a long weekend, so that earns me some brownie points, right? (Sidenote: what does brownie points even mean? And can I eat them?)

We headed down to my in-laws in Long Island where the ladies got their share of swinging and spoiling. They both got new shoes and hair clips and sparkly things courtesy of Nana and Papa, plus lots of quality time.

instagram in bath and body worksSamantha was shocked, awed and immediately in love when she discovered that the Bath and Body Works in the nearby mall had a sink in it so that you could try out the different hand soaps. I didn’t think we’d ever get her out of there.

instagram date night shotMommy and Daddy also got spoiled with a date night courtesy of the in-laws. We went out for Greek food (spanakopita and hummus might be my two favorite foods ever–aside from chocolate, obvi) and then walked to a nearby dock. I love my babies, but it’s always nice to be able to sneak in a little quality one-on-one time with the hubs before I’m half asleep.

The next day we snuck out again (this time to the movies!) before heading home.

instagram car napI’m not sure what Nana and Papa did with the girls while we were out (child labor?), but this is what Samantha looked like on the ride home. Both girls slept for pretty much the entire hour and a half long car ride while I finally finished my book (and nodded off once or twice myself!).

instagram primping shotYesterday was Miss Samantha’s last day of summer vacation. We did a lot of hanging out and some painting before she and her sister took a nice long bath. She requested that I wrap her hair up in a towel while she brushed her teeth (she was about to be a big deal first grader, after all).

I can’t handle how big this little monkey is getting!

instagram first day of school shotHere she is all dressed and ready (an hour before the bus comes!) to march off to school this morning. She had a few little butterflies floating around in her tummy (which she expressed by worrying that her teacher would be an alien), but for the most part she’s just excited. She can’t wait to meet her new teacher, see which friends are in her class and see if (this is major) she gets her own desk this year.

Because she seemed too unbearably big to me this morning, I had to hunt around for the picture I took of her last year when she became a big-time kindergartener. While the first grade picture is pretty grainy, you can tell that she’s lost most of that baby face she held onto last year. She’s taller, mouthier and more confident.

I can’t wait until she comes home and rattles off all the details of her day! And I’m pretty sure her sister can’t wait either. Since Sam stepped on the bus Ellie has been wandering around saying “Bubba? Bubba?,” which is her new name for her sister.

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  1. oh my goodness, those girls must have been pooped – it always amazes me the positions they can sleep in in those carseats!

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