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Instagram shotSome of my favorite parts of the day are watching how much my little ladies love each other (there are, of course, plenty of times when Ellie claws at her sister’s face or pulls out a handful of her hair or when Samantha screams about how annoying! her baby sister is. I choose to forget those moments as quickly as possible). This shot here is exactly what I mean.

The moment we step back inside after putting Sam on the bus Ellie starts saying Bubba? (which is her name for her sister). She wants to know when she’s coming back. Throughout the day she’ll point to the door and ask me the same question, as if making sure I don’t forget to go out and get her off the bus. Is it possible that at 18-months old she already realizes how scatterbrained her mother is? Samantha obviously does, but could Ellie realize it ?

Anyway, this shot is my two ladies heading back into the house after Sam got off the bus. Sam was beside herself with excitement that her sister wanted to hold her hand and not mine. Ellie was beside herself with excitement that she got to do something with her big sister–even if it was just walking. She was practically running to keep up.

Instagram shotOn Sunday my friend Meg and I decided to be brave (stupid?) and take our kids apple picking–just the two of us. With her three under age five plus my two, we knew it was a bit of a gamble.

Amazingly, it went off without a single tantrum or issue. We got there early and Meg brought her wagon for the babies. Our biggest fear was that they would mutiny against the wagon (life is just so much easier with contained babies). All we had to do was give them each an apple and they were happy as can be.

I’ll have more shots of our apple picking adventure tomorrow!

Instagram shotWhen we got home, we got straight to baking. I found an apple streusel muffin recipe, thinking apples + crumbs would mean Samantha would definitely try it. She was all about dicing the apples and pouring in all of the ingredients but for some reason she absolutely refuses to try them. I don’t think she even knows why.

On a side note, I can’t believe how big she looks here. I don’t like it!

Instagram shotWhile the muffins were baking I started making the girls lunch. As I was making their sandwiches, I realized it was awfully quiet. I turned around and my little baby ninja was sitting on the kitchen table, helping herself to an apple. I guess I was a little too slow in my food making.

Instagram shotThe next day Ellie and I went on a little sushi date with my friend Janine. She absolutely loved her sweet potato roll (surprising no one) and the ladies at the restaurant loved her–maybe a little too much. They were playing with her and giving her sips of her drink and getting right up in her face, leaving me to wonder how much is too much when it comes to strangers and your baby. I was half expecting them to pull up chairs and sit down to lunch with us.

I’m just glad my sister wasn’t there. She would have been much less patient and polite about it. 😉

Instagram shotWhen Sam came home, we headed to story hour. For the first time ever Ellie sat down next to her sister (very briefly) during the story. I love this shot of my two ladies, even if you can’t see that Sam is holding a bag of potato chips leftover from lunch and Ellie is not into the story as much as she’s cozying up hoping to score some chips.

Instagram shotAfter story hour was over we had a little time to kill before running over to Sam’s school to sign her up for after school activities (which, by the way, is intense. We got there about 45 minutes before registration started to make sure she would get the activity she wanted). So we hung out in the cafe reading Halloween books while the girls ate some yogurt (well, Ellie flung some yogurt).

I had to include this shot because Sam’s napkin bib makes me laugh every time I see it (and reminds me of my mother).

Instagram shotBy the time we got home we were exhausted, especially this cute little bean. She sprawled out on our bed and passed out. I had to get a picture of her cute little face before I moved her to her crib.

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  1. Hilarious! As I was reading about the people in the sushi restaurant I could feel the flames coming out of my ears as I thought about them touching Ellie! I’m no so crazy now am I??

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