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I didn’t do a very good job of taking pictures this week. We went to a first birthday party, picked out some pumpkins and got to see my brother and his wife for the first time in what seems like forever. I have pictures of none of that. Instead, here is what I’ve got:

Instagram shotInstagram shotInstagram shot

A girl and her bag. This week my sweet little bean is purse obsessed. On this particular day she filled up her purse with the essentials (you know, two phones, keys, some bread, a chicken leg. The usual.) to head out to the driveway to get her sister off the bus.

Since then, she’s been running to get her purse (which she calls both bag and book (baby slang for pocketbook)) before we go anywhere. It’s just about on par with her shoe obsession at this point. She’s starting to remind me of my great grandma, who clutched her purse in her lap everywhere she went.

Looking at these pictures is so funny to me because just six months or so ago, when I was planning her first birthday party, I was having trouble deciding on a theme. She didn’t show any signs of being a really girly girl, which made princesses and fairies seem ridiculous. She was much more physical than her sister (and she still is), so she seemed like more of a tomboy. My how times have changed!

Instagram shot
In other news, I actually did one of the millions of things I pinned on Pinterest this week. This one was so simple and easy and helped me in my quest to get my kitchen cabinets organized. I had cupcake liners like everywhere. They were all in different plastic containers and taking up way too much space. Enter a mason jar. Shove said liners inside mason jar and I’m as happy as can be!

Instagram shotIf you like my Facebook page, you’ve seen this shot before. My little animal stole my glass of water, took an empty water bottle I was letting her play with (she loves the noise the plastic makes when she crushes it in her little paws) and shoved the bottle into the glass as many times as she could before I got to her, creating like geysers of water that splashed all over our coffee table. This is just a tiny example of the ways in which she drove me crazy yesterday.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have photo albums on my FB page that are titled “Cuddles” and “Chaos.” It is not so shocking to discover that “Chaos” only currently features shots of Ellie. That’s not to say Samantha doesn’t have her moments. Her’s areย generally more verbal or include dramatic rolls of the eye and stomping to her room. Things that aren’t so easy to capture. Ellie (who is literally swinging the light on our dining room table as I type this) is a million times more physical and therefore way more easy to collect evidence against.

Instagram shotLast but not least, fall has most definitely hit the northeast. Leaves are starting to change color and we’ve entered that weird desert-like weather pattern of cold nights and sometimes hot days.

I’ve been trying to be good about walking again in the mornings now that I can breathe heavily without coughing my innards out again. Today is rainy and dreary and generally craptastic though, so Ellie and I are going to attempt some yoga instead. Wish me luck! Lord knows what trouble she’ll get into while I’m trying to hold the tree pose.

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