My Week Through Instagram

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This week was crazy.

Like most weeks, it started with plenty of Ellie trouble.
instagram shot

There was stuffing grapes into water bottles (her new favorite pastime).

instagram shotFeeding her baby in a laundry basket.

instagram shotAnd my personal favorite: trying to change her own diaper. I was on a deadline and trying to get some work finished. She could care less about me or my work or my deadline. She wanted to get into trouble.

She climbed onto the dining room table (where I had the laptop) and starting going through my purse, which was also on the table. She threw some things on the floor (they were obviously too boring) and tried to write out a check and apply some lipstick before deciding to pull out a diaper, the wipes and a changing pad. She opened up the changing pad, plopped herself on it and opened up a diaper before greeting me with this face while yelling “Buuuuuuutt!”

instagram shotShe also continued her I’m missing my sister so I’ll drape her dirty clothes around my neck trend (at least it wasn’t dirty underwear this time). This is her dramatically eating a rice cake with pouty lips and a makeshift scarf from her sister’s pajama top. She’s nothing if not resourceful.

instagramAside from wrangling my little animal and helping my big baby study for her first test (!), my sister and I were in hardcore wedding decor mode. My mom married her partner of fourteen years on Saturday and my sister and I were in charge of decorations. This is a terrible shot, but it’s of our little starfish favors which were filled with chocolate (what can I tell you, we’re on again).

instagramHere’s a shot of the oh-so lovely brides who are currently honeymooning in Cape Cod. I got a rather amusing text concerning my mother and a dance floor, so I can tell you with absolute certainty that plenty of fun is being had.

instagramI stole this one of Ellie and I off of my sister’s Instagram feed. How cute is that child?! Also, if you follow me on Facebook, I’m wearing that fab Lauren Conrad dress that I got for a steal at Kohls. I love a good sale + coupon combo.

InstagramHere’s the gorgeous little flower girl. My little diva had to wear this enormous headband that was over-sized on an adult for our bohemian Bijou shoot. Her fashion sense is spot on because she looked adorable.

instagramI made the hubs wear a hot pink tie from his sister’s wedding so that he matched the pink motif me and the girls had going (this shot is also stolen from my sister’s Instagram).

instagramThe next day was my pal Aimee’s baby shower. It was at this adorable little tea place with the best scones everrrrr. I have to remember to go there more often. So cute! They even do kid’s birthday parties, which would be adorable for Miss Samantha and her buds.

InstagramThe next day was Columbus Day and Samantha participated in a race they do for kids every year at a local track. My girl takes after her momma when it comes to athleticism (ie she came in last place) but I was so proud of her for running the whole way through!

InstagramLast but not least, a sweet moment between my little loves. We were on our way home from story hour and Ellie kept yelling “Hand!” at her sister (ok, it was more like “haaaa!”). Sam squealed a little too loudly when she decoded the baby-ese and realized that her sister wanted to hold her hand. They rode the rest of the way home like this, with their mother melting in the driver’s seat.

Want to follow my Instagram madness all week long? Find me @cuddlesandchaos!

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  1. Jen, this post is absolutley (this word looks so funny — is it spelled right?) wonderful. My face is tired from smiling at every picture. Your girls are so beautiful and Susan and Lisa look so happy.

  2. Your little Ellie looks like she is just as spirited as my little girl. She’s adorable!

    Congrats to your mother and her partner. They look so happy! You guys did an awesome job with the decorations, the favors are so sweet. LOVE all the hot pink, including that tie on the hubs.

    So glad you stopped by my blog and glad to have found yours too!

  3. I love your entire family. Period. And might I add that your little one and my little one are on the same course of destruction and distraction.

    God help us all.

  4. Your girls are adorable! And, the trouble…oh how they can find trouble when you need to get something done.

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