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Instagram shotI love this picture. I’m going to have to get it printed for both of these lovely ladies so that they have matching pictures to go with their t-shirts.

This little twin fest was totally unplanned. Samantha put on her BFF t-shirt in the morning thinking she wouldn’t see her buddy that day. But I ended up watching Maddie and her brother and sister for a little while so their dad could squeeze in a haircut.

You should have heard their excited squeals get even louder when they realized they were wearing the same shirt. Love these two!

Instagram shotLet me start by saying I know the quality of this picture is absolutely horrible. But I couldn’t leave it out! Friday was dress as your favorite book character day at school. Samantha decided she had to be Frankly Frannie. Like Frannie (who is job obsessed), Samantha wore her daddy’s tie and a pair of glasses with the lenses popped out and carried a briefcase. She looked totally professional.

Instagram shotIt got a little chilly this week. Since I’m so cheap (have I mentioned that once or twice before? ;)) I decided to roast up some veggies rather than crank up the heat. So far Miss Elyssa and I have enjoyed some roasted sweet potatoes and a big batch of kale chips. Sam and the hubs have no interest in such things, so it’s all left to Ellie and I. We’re not complaining.

Instagram shotSpeaking of my baby bean, she got into her fair sharer of trouble this week, but this is definitely my favorite shot of her (kudos to the hubs for taking over my technological devices and capturing this little sleeping angel face).

Side note: did you get a load of the eyelashes on her? She most definitely didn’t get those from me.

Instagram shotOn Saturday I got a call that Samantha won an American Girl doll through a raffle at Barnes and Noble. I was immediately thrilled for her and then thrilled for me (hollerrrrrr at not having to be pressured into dropping $100 on a doll whose hair will look like this within a month or two). Her shrieks of absolute delight could be heard from space, but it was nothing compared to my shriek when I realized the doll’s freaking bed costs $125.

Instagram shotThis is the greeting one baby-starved daddy got after a long Sunday of working. Don’t let him try to act all cool and pretend he didn’t melt into a large and sappy puddle.

Instagram shotThis is a look of pure terror. What might pretty little Carrie be so afraid of, you wonder? Why the big bad Ellie monster, of course.

I watched this pretty little thing for a few hours the other morning. Ellie was thrilled. She absolutely loves her and can’t help but hug her and kiss her and touch her hair and coo “baaaaaby.” The tragic part? Poor little Carrie can’t handle all Ellie’s loving. It’s a case of too much too soon.

Instagram shotThis little project here is one that I alluded to in my Parenting Fail post earlier this week. It was the result of a lot of hard work (and some photo research) and was a labor of love for her daddy.

In case you can’t see, this is the cover page to a delightful story entitled The Panda Who Made a Stinky. The story is absolutely hilarious and is about one panda’s quest for a cure for what the story’s author calls “a very interesting problem.” The poor panda farts every time he blinks.

And I think I will leave you with that.

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  1. I know I’ve said it before but your girls are just adorable! And what an awesome score on the American Girl! We got one of their catalogs today and they are INSANE!

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