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To say that the first part of this past week was better than the last is a serious understatement. For those of you who don’t know, my family and I live in the NY metro area. That means the first half of our week was gum drops and lollipops while the second half was preparing, waiting for, and sitting through Hurricane Sandy…

Instagram shotThe first half of the week was filled with brightly colored (if not slightly mismatched) school ensembles thrown together by one very enthusiastic and fashionable six-year old.

Instagram shotThere was also typical Ellie trouble. Like when she drank the rest of my coffee creamer when I ran into the living room to clean up her drink spill.

Instagram shotOr when she emptied out part of our silverware drawer while I was sweeping up popcorn crumbs that she dumped all over the living room floor.

Instagram shotOr when she wrote all over her arm with a dry erase marker while I helped her big sister with her homework.

Instagram shotThere was also my happy little niece’s sweet drooly grin and Ellie’s obsession with hugging her and pushing on her belly as if it would make a noise.

Instagram shotThere were quiet moments like big sister reading to little sister on Saturday morning. And loud ones like when my family came over to celebrate my mom’s birthday and kids were running and laughing up and down the hall (and breaking new gifts and immediately crying before more running and laughing up and down the hall).

Insstagram shotThere was a seriously quiet, relaxing and much needed Saturday night that included nothing but peppermint tea and Bossypants (which IΒ finally finished and highly recommend).

Instagram shotSunday was the calm before the storm. It wasn’t the prettiest of days, but we knew it was a lot nicer than what was coming up the coast.

Instagram shotWe spent Monday inside, waiting. It struck me more than once that my storm preparation musts were incredibly similar to getting ready to have a baby. There is some natural instinct that goes off inside that makes me manic about cleaning and doing laundry and baking. It’s odd. It’s even odder that I’m not the only one who found myself in this kind of frenzy. Nesting madness, I tell you.

When we woke up on Tuesday (after very little sleep) we were incredibly lucky to still have power and have very little damage.

The girls were a little restless from being cooped up (and so was I). We did some nail painting (that’s Samantha’s vampire manicure) and then had a play date with our buddies.

Instagram shotWe were very lucky to make it through the storm with nothing more than a big old tree uprooted in our front yard (thankfully it just missed the house), but there are a lot of others who were not nearly as lucky. If you want to do something to help, consider donating to the American Red CrossΒ or (if you live in the NY metro area) signing up to volunteer with New York Cares.

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  1. I am so glad you and the family are safe!!! I’ve been watching the news as the hurricane went on, it’s extremely terrifying! Love the instagram photos your beautiful girls are definitely a handful! Also, that Tina Fey book will need to be in my kindle asap, I love her!

  2. I’m glad you didn’t have too much damage! It’s so sad to see the pictures and hear the stories that are coming from this storm! πŸ™ Also, I’m sure it was frustrating in the moment but the dry erase marker on the arm made me smile! Hope it wasn’t too hard to get off!

    1. As with anything with my monster baby I’m always torn between frustration and bursting out laughing. Laughing usually wins even when it shouldn’t. I just can’t be mad when she gives me her goofy cheesy smile face. She can turn on the charm, that one!

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