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I suppose I should start this week’s roundup with Halloween since it feels like it was forever ago…

Hot off the heels of Sandy, we weren’t quite sure how it would turn out. My friend Meg and I decided to get the kids dressed up and take them out to lunch just in case trick or treating didn’t work out later on. Here’s my scary vampire and happy ghost:


Hours later, we headed over to my momma’s to meet my sister and her kids and attempt a little trick or treating before it got dark (Halloween wasn’t delayed in our town like it was in Jersey and other areas, but we had to get it in before dark). Here is Sam and her cousin the werewolf:


Because of Sandy, Samantha hasn’t been to school since October 26th (!). That’s a seriously long time for the kids to be out. They’re finally reopened today after regaining power and fixing any structural issues. I feel for those teachers having to mold those wild things back into shape!

Boredom set in pretty early (last Monday morning, in fact). And we’ve all gone a little loopy. There’s been jewelry making, baking, dance parties, and pulling out forgotten toys (for the win!). There was also some glamorous dress up, Sam’s favorite pastime of late. She broke out an old flower girl dress, her most precious jewels and her makeup kit.


Ellie bean doesn’t like to nap when her sister is home, so she was particularly fun. I broke out an old keyboard so that she could pretend she was typing away next to me whenever I tried to sneak in a little work.


On Saturday my husband headed down to Long Island to help his parents with the post-Sandy clean up. They live on the south shore. They lost their basement and their family room was destroyed, but they still count themselves as some of the lucky ones. Just a couple of blocks closer to the water there are people who lost everything. They finally got electric back but are still without heat. Just another small reminder that this cleanup process isn’t over and that people still need help.

My ladies (well, specifically Samantha) were a little bummed at the lack of Daddy and totally jealous that he got to see Nana and Papa and they didn’t. We made the best of it with a hallway teeth brushing party and a slumber party in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.


Last but not least, my ladies had a particularly fabulous time at story hour this week. The books were about ninjas and then the kids made some ninja masks and tied crepe paper around their heads. They seriously loved it.

There’s nothing like some good, free fun!


I wish I had an election shot to show you. Samantha was incredibly excited about heading out to vote and wanted us to get fancy and wear dresses, so we did. Before we left Sam had two very important questions: 1) Would we have to wait long? 2) Would she get to meet the president?

We lucked out and got to our polling place at a time when there was no wait (actually, there was only one other woman there). Big win for the momma with two kids in tow. Sadly, we didn’t run into Barack Obama.

Samantha was a little disappointed that she couldn’t vote, so I let her color in the bubble for Barack Obama on my ballot. She thought that was pretty much the coolest thing ever. And I have to say, I thought it was pretty cool to share my vote for women’s rights and marriage equality with my girls.

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  1. Your posts are always fun to read! I can’t believe your kids are still out of school. I wonder where you live? I love how you girls dressed up to go vote, and how you let your daughter fill in the circle :))

    I know those are a bunch of random comments all put together above, but that’s how I think lol.


  2. Aww great pictures Jen! The girls look so good in their Halloween getups too – especially that smiley ghost one! I’ve never done a trick or treating ever in my life because we don’t have that sort of culture here…maybe one day I hope to pass off as a little kid and get some goodies 😀

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