My Week Through Instagram + Links for the Weekend

I think I might have mentioned once or twice (or maybe whined it a few times), but this week was a sick week for me and my little lady loves. It started out OK…

instagramWe had a snowstorm that resulted in a two-hour delay for school and made Miss Samantha very happy. She wanted to throw snowballs at her sister and I but babycakes wasn’t feeling so hot so Sams settled for snow angels and snow castle making on the deck–where she could talk away at her sister and I through the back door.


Look at my poor little baby’s face in this shot. Isn’t it enough to break your heart? My baby bean vomited for three straight days this week. Believe it or not, this day was the turning point when Ellie started to feel a little bit better and Sam was suddenly not so sure about how she was feeling.


After a day of being wiped out, Sam rallied a bit and was up singing and dancing and making soup with daddy. I love that she had to put on her frilly apron and grab an oven mitt from her kitchen set to help stir the pot.

instagramIf you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (obviously) , you’ve seen this one before but I couldn’t help but include it. I have no idea who was sick and who was feeling OK at this point of the week, but Ellie’s new cheeeeeese face is enough to make anyone feel better.


This shot it from the day all three of us were feeling crummy. We pretty much spent the whole day in my bed watching movies, reading books and napping. While I wish we were feeling better, I’m also kind of thankful for the opportunity to just be with my girls.

Sure, it would have been fabulous if we all felt better and were doing fun things, but it’s not that often that my mind is off and I don’t have little reminders going off in my head of all of the things that need to get done.

We just laid in bed and snuggled. It was horrible and wonderful at the same time.

instagramLast but not least, we were all feeling mostly back to normal yesterday, which meant Sam was back at school. Ellie didn’t know what to do with herself. Sam had been home all weekend and was off from school on Monday for Veterans’ Day and then home Tuesday and Wednesday because she was sick. Suddenly her Bubba was gone and Ellie was missing her fiercely.

She resorted to what she usually does when she misses her sister: she walks around with Sam’s dirty pajama top around her neck. It cracks me up every time.

And now a little link love!

  • I can’t stop laughing at the hilarious sentence this blogger had to say to her toddler this week.
  • Camilla shared her recipe for this mouth watering chocolate raspberry cake. I definitely have to try this one!
  • I’m kind of obsessed with bloggers who do funny posts that include stick figures. Mama Kat and Roo are definitely two of my faves.
  • Anna at IHOD put together a pretty fab holiday gift guide with lots of handmade goodies (and discount codes!).
  • Do you do the whole elf on the shelf thing? We haven’t in the past, but I’ve been considering it for this year. This site has ton of ideas of fun things to do with the elf.
  • Last but not least, my favorite pin of the week is The Best Broccoli Soup You’ll Ever Have. This is another one I must try!

Happy weekend!

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  1. Cutest babies ever (besides mine), sick or not!

    Thanks for the stick figure shout out. 🙂 Pretty soon I think I’ll let my kids take over that section…considering our art work looks exactly alike. Haha! Roo is a favorite of mine too!

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