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cuddles and chaos

I’m going to try something new this week so that my Instagram followers don’t get a straight up regurgitation of what they’ve seen all week (with the added bonus of some stellar commentary, of course). I’m mixing in a few shots that I haven’t shared anywhere else…
cuddles and chaos

How cute is that face? Especially when it’s all sweet and calm and sitting in one little square of couch. She’s loving the transition into hats and mittens and if I forget to put her mittens on she yells “Hey! Me! Hands!”

Like her big sister, she’s already a girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it.

Cuddles and Chaos

I took a postpartum doula training course on Monday and it was awesome. I actually still feel like I’m riding some sort of weird high from it. There was a lot of information to take in and so much of it was useful for day-to-day life in a sort of mind-blowing way.

Cuddles and Chaos

On Tuesday my friend Janine and I had our annual gift wrapping party. We caught a lot of flack this year in particular for calling it a party when it’s just the two of us. But the truth is, we have so much fun together (and we make ridiculously good food like these cookie dough truffles and awesome little pockety things that were filled with cheese and bacon and deliciousness) that it is a party. So husbands and incredibly literal six-year olds can file their corrections elsewhere!

Cuddles and ChaosOK, so I guess it wasn’t really just the two of us. Ellie was there too. She sampled one of the cookie dough truffles before Janine got there and she was quite happy with how they turned out.

Cuddles and Chaos

We also started our version of an advent calendar this week. Last year I collected a bunch of winter and holiday books and wrapped them all up. Samantha opened a different one each night at bedtime.

This year, I changed it up slightly. Since my girl likes taking her sweet time making the perfect choice, I decided to cut that down a bit by wrapping each of the books in craft paper and numbering them. I mixed them all up and put them in a big basket so now she has to search through for that particular day’s book.

It’s much easier this way, especially when we usually read the holiday book (who reads it depends on how many words are on each page and her mood), she reads me a book, and I read her a couple of chapters from whatever chapter book we’re on. Right now it’s the newest Frankly Frannie book (she’s loving it so much that she stayed up one night to read the rest of it but is still making me read it to her so that I know what happens too).

Cuddles and Chaos

While we’re on the subject of books, the girls made a blanket fort before dinner last night (and when I say that I mean I made a blanket fort with a lot of instructions being yelled at me from a certain pint-sized backseat driver). My heart melted a little when my ladies turned off the lights, cuddled up inside, and read a story together– this, of course, was before Ellie tore the tent down and Samantha started screaming about how she was the worst ever. But it was sweet while it lasted!

Cuddles and ChaosIn Ellie’s defense, she was a little tired. What with hanging from chandeliers and all during the day.

I swear she’s had some sort of ninja training. I go into the kitchen with my back turned for a minute and she’s on top of the dining room table, swinging the light and saying “weeeee!”

Cuddles and Chaos

Unlike her sister, she will go to bed when she’s tired. Last night she didn’t even care if she had pajamas. She just wanted to get all cozy in her big girl bed.

I love those fat little crossed feet!

Cuddles and Chaos

On a totally unrelated note, Samantha painted Santa on a pumpkin this week. Because, apparently, we’re the kind of house that still has pumpkins lying around when all of the Christmas decorations are up.

We also took the plunge and bought an elf on the shelf (and by we, I mean me). Here’s what she’s been up to this week:

Cuddles and ChaosCuddles and ChaosCuddles and ChaosCuddles and ChaosCuddles and Chaos

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