My Week Through Instagram + Elf on the Shelf Adventures

sister sleepover instagram shotThis week Samantha had a wish come true that she had been hoping for since the day she found out I was pregnant with Ellie: she and her sister had a “sleepover” in Sam’s bed. I can’t even begin to adequately describe her excitement level.

I wasn’t so sure this would work out. But we nestled in with a couple of books, got some giggles out and turned out the light. I planned on staying in the bed with them until Ellie fell asleep because if I didn’t, all hell would definitely break loose (and by that I mean Samantha would end up with significantly less hair and possibly a black eye and fat lip courtesy of her sister).

sleeping beauties instagram shotIt took awhile because of all of the excitement, but they fell asleep before I did. I quietly escaped for some dinner and wasn’t summoned by a crying toddler until about 2:30–when I immediately fell asleep in a warm little cocoon of snuggles.

Seriously. How sweet are those little faces?!

baking cookies instagram shotThis week was definitely a lesson in all the ways my girls are different (even though they look so much alike). Let’s take cookie baking for an example. Miss Samantha (decked out in jingle jangle earrings even though she’s still in her pjs) is all business. The girl scooped and lined up cookie dough like a boss.

baker instagram shotThen there’s this one. First, she demanded to wear this hooded fur-lined vest (she knows she’s cute). Next, I set her up with her own bowl that was not filled with any of the ingredients we needed for our cookies. Oh no. No, no, no. Miss Ellie got cereal and a couple of chocolate chips in her bowl because I knew most of the contents of whatever she was near would end up in her mouth…

party animal instagram shot…or crushed with a spoon and then dumped over her head. Either way, point for mom for being ahead of the game on this one. And really, the kid is so cute I didn’t even care that I would be finding crushed cereal for weeks.

no rules instagram shotAnother difference? How about the fact that Ellie laughs in the face of rules? You can tell Samantha something once and be pretty sure that she will listen. You tell Ellie to stay off the kitchen table and you better believe she will be rolling all over it with a party of toys at her side.

say cheese instagram shotAnd then she’ll walk around on it a bit before finding a remote control that looks like it will make the perfect camera. She’ll then yell “Cheeeeeeeese!” at you until you stop and pose and she can coo admiringly at how awesome your “photo” turned out.

All of this, by the way, is while wearing her sister’s dirty pajama top (which she, of course, demanded to wear while missing her sister).

homework instagram shotAnother difference? Let’s talk about train rides. We went into the city on Sunday so that I could go to Tim’s cousin’s baby shower (which, by the way, was at the most amazingly delicious restaurant in the history of the world) and Tim and his dad could take the girls to the Big Apple Circus (they had an absolute blast).

On the train ride down, Samantha was completely engrossed in her homework. The girl loves having a job to do and, to her, homework is like a fun puzzle that she gets to work out. I hope she stays this excited about learning forever.

Her sister on the other hand was a climbing machine. There were a few times I was sure she was about to pat the head of the woman in front of us (and Ellie’s enthusiastic version of a pat is much closer to a punch). I don’t have a picture of her because every one I tried to take was a total blur. She finally sat relatively still when I gave her a water bottle and let her screw and unscrew the cap.

#napshappen instagram shotOn the way back, Miss Samantha did something totally uncharacteristic and attempted to take a nap. While her sister will succumb to sleep if she’s tired enough, Sam has always been way too nosy to have much interest in sleep. She’d much rather know exactly what is going on at all times.

The excitement of all of the cool stuff they saw at the circus totally wore my girl out.

little momma instagram shotOne way my ladies are the same is that they’re both incredibly maternal. As soon as either of them showed any sign of personality, they had an interest in babies. They both want to coo and cuddle and love on any baby that comes anywhere near them (and Ellie wouldn’t mind touching their eyes too, but that’s another story).

#michaels craft instagram shotWe also did some crafting at Michaels this week. Well, by “we” I mean Sam.

We’re kind of Michaels obsessed. We’re in that place far too often (this time it was for some supplies for a necklace I made Sam’s teacher… which I managed to leave the store without buying).

We’re there so often that the manager recognizes us and knows two things: 1) Samantha will do absolutely any craft on the face of the earth and 2) I am the sucker that will totally let her, even if I just want to go home and relax for three seconds.

So yeah. Sam decorated her own ornament at Michaels this week and she loved every second of it.

dry hands instagramIn non-kid news, my hands are painfully dry. Well, Sam’s are too, but we’re talking about me here. The winter is really mean to my hands. I have super sensitive skin to begin with, but the second the heat goes on and it’s cold outside, I’m done for. Cracking, ashy, bleeding, my hands are all of the above.

The only thing that really seems to help is my beloved Burt’s Bees almond milk beeswax hand creme. It smells delicious. It feels delicious. But it’s really really thick so I only put it on right before bed. But it works!–as long as I remember to do it every night.

Christmas cookies instagramThe holidays always put me into baking mode. Last night I made some (delicious) cookies to give to Sam’s bus driver. They’re so good and so simple!

I just took a package of Pillsbury break and bake sugar cookies, baked them, dipped half of them in melted chocolate chips and sprinkled some crushed candy canes on top. Total hands-on time was probably about 10 minutes but it looks like (and tastes) like so much more.

Last but not least, here’s what our elf on the shelf has been up to:

elf on the shelf snow angel tech savvy elf on the shelf elf on the shelf eats popcorn elf on the shelf does laundry elf on the shelf marshmallow bathelf on the shelf diaper change

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