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cozying up with a book via instagram

This week was weird. Coming off the holiday high. Dealing with end of vacation boredom. Getting back into a normal schedule. Weird cubed.

Anyway, we spent a lot of time at Barnes and Noble. Ellie is in the middle of a love affair with the train table there and Samantha likes grabbing a book and reading it in her “secret hiding place.” She runs around like a ninja/spy/secret agent on crack, weaving her way around shelves and making sure no one watches her, yet her “secret spot” is a step stool on the other side of this short shelf by the trains. It’s all very hush-hush and important while adhering to my most important commandment: Thy ass shall remain visible to me at all times whilst we are in public.

Ellie took a special spot cue from her sister this week when she grabbed herself a book and plopped down belly first right in the middle of the floor.

New Years Eve via Instagram

Then there was New Year’s Eve. We had a pretty nice, laid back night–even though it was the most we’ve done on New Year’s in ages. Instead of going our usual route of sitting on the couch in comfy clothes until we pass out way before the ball even thinks about dropping, we actually went out. Well, for a little while.

My brother was playing at this Irish pub near our house so we took the girls and met the moms for dinner. Sam had been so excited to see her uncle play and ended up watching Ruby Gloom and playing games on her new iPod the whole time (relax, it’s a hand me down).

Ellie, on the other hand, was mesmerized. She loved every second–especially when she got to clap. Oh and her baby doll pooped about twelve times. It’s her new favorite thing.

New Years Day crafting via instagram

The next day my hubs and I embarked on an organizational extravaganza (How you doin, resolution?). It’s so much easier when you have a partner in your mania. We attacked our kitchen, dining room and living room and de-Christmased–which, to be honest, always depresses me. But the cleaning and new-found organization was a definite perk. I’ve made it my mission to do a little more each day. Small steps lead to big moves, people!

To keep Sam occupied (which is key), we gave her a big old bag of rocks and seashells that she picked up at the dock when we were out on Long Island visiting my in-laws before Christmas. We also gave her whatever paint colors her little heart desired and let her have at it. She painted them all and gave each one elaborate names like “Magical Rainbow Sunset.” Love her!

hand treatment via instagram

I’ve also been sleeping like this a lot. It’s pretty hot. Just ask my husband. He’s a huge fan of my Burt’s Bees gloves.

I have seriously sensitive skin and the winter (and all the hand washing that goes along with having kids) totally destroys them. We’re talking seriously dry and chapped and cracking. I can make a fist and split skin on my knuckles. It’s an incredibly attractive party trick.

My mother-in-law got me the Burt’s Bees hand repair kit (my favorite!) for Christmas so I’ve been trying to take control of the whole hand situation by slathering on my almond milk hand creme, throwing on some gloves and reading a couple of stories from This Is How You Lose Her. Party animal!

toddler trouble via instagram

Then there was this. What do you even say about it?

One minute she was sitting nicely, drinking her little chocolate milk out of a big girl cup (which, as you can see, spilled all over her shirt and pants) and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The next both she and her chair and her cute little feet are on top of the table. How? How?!!! The girl is lucky she is so unbearably adorable. And charming.

Also, instead of just noticing my (obviously lacking) parenting skills, do you notice how neat and clean my living room is looking? I need to pat myself on the back for something!

babywearing via instagram

Last but not least, my little cuddle bunny had a rough afternoon yesterday. She didn’t get enough of a nap and was just totally exhausted. She had a full on, all-out, inconsolable meltdown in the middle of the living room floor. We’re talking thrashing, screaming and gagging because she was crying so hard. We’re talking Sam grabbed the phone because Daddy just had to know about this (thanks a lot, kid!).

When everything I tried failed me, I remembered some of the reading I’ve been doing for my postpartum doula certification. Specifically a chapter on babywearing and how it can be beneficial even to toddlers.

So I got out my Moby and I wrapped that baby up and carried her around with me and you know what? SHE CALMED DOWN COMPLETELY. It was absolutely amazing. And I’m totally trying that sooner next time… so Sam doesn’t tattle on me.

You can follow me along on Instagram all week @cuddlesandchaos. I’m trying really hard to limit the number of shots I use here so that my posts don’t go on forever, but you can see every last one if you follow me there.

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    1. Hahaha, right?! Only according to the disapproving look I got from one woman wandering around, maybe it’s not so socially acceptable for kids to do it either. I mean, I know the floor is dirty. But we’re talking about a toddler here. She touches everything and licks her filthy little fingers. A little floor dirt never hurt anyone, right? 😉

    1. Thank you!

      I love bookstores and am trying my hardest to pass that love (and a love of books while we’re at it) to my girls. We’re there at least once a week so make themselves right at home (as you can see, lol).

  1. Aww you have so much fun and I love how interesting you make everything sound even if it is just the normal daily things! A lot of mothers here in Asia actually wrap their babies up (like in your last picture) wherever they go and it helps to transfer that motherly loving bond to the child – maybe that’s why it helps to calm them up! Btw good job on the neat living room Jen – resolution going well! 😉

  2. Oh my gosh! I LOVE JUNOT DIAZ! I still gotten around to picking up that book, though. Now I’m going to get it tomorrow!

    Okay, I didn’t *only* focus on that part of your post – your skin-splitting party trick scares me a little bit (I’m sorry), your kids are A. Dorable. AND I wore my baby around the other day because she wanted to be carried and it worked. Until she was done and did the back arching thing while I was at the stove. Grrr… See? I did pay attention to everything!

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