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apple lips via Instagram

I know I said last week was weird. Well, this week is what you get when you complain about a perfectly good week. It started out innocent enough. Ellie demanded apples for her “nack” (which is translated in my circle story about toddlers and raisins, in case you missed it), which works for me. It’s way better than that stage after Halloween when she was demanding chocolate (like mother, like daughter).

She was so sweet and innocent cuddled up with an apple that was about as big as her face. So quiet. So subdued. So… stationary.

Turns out she was just storing up a winter’s worth of energy and getting ready to expel every last droplet of it all over my unsuspecting head.

sister love via InstagramA slow leak in her energy supply started on Monday when we went to Barnes and Noble for story time. Actually, both girls were wild things there. This shot is pretty much the only time that they were sitting still and not running in opposite directions. And still, Ellie’s hug is bordering on choke hold in a classic display of You may be bigger but I own you, girl.

Still, I’ll take my cuteness where I can get it. These two love the snot out of each other.

predawn laundry basket ride via Instagram

Then my husband went away for work and the slow leak of energy exploded into a geyser of (adorable) terror. I should have known I was in for a rough time when I woke up to this before the sun even rose on Wednesday morning. Samantha (otherwise known as She Who Just Doesn’t Sleep) wasn’t even awake and Ellie was in the laundry basket demanding “Wheeeeee!” and trying desperately to figure out a way to give herself a laundry basket thrill ride.

Let’s just say the day deteriorated into a furniture climbing, trouble finding, foot stomping free for all.

mascara lips via Instagram

The highlight was definitely this. That black stuff on her lips? Waterproof mascara.

Let’s rewind. My phone rang and I immediately heard Ellie’s feet scamper down the hall. Thinking the gate was in position (which means blocking the Danger Zone known as Samantha’s bedroom), I let her have her ounce of freedom and took the call.

After a couple of minutes of absolute silence, I decided to check in on her in case she was triumphantly standing on top of her dresser like she just climbed Mount Olympus (I don’t know how that would be possible but I would not be surprised if I found her there one day. She’s determined).

To my complete disbelief, she greeted me at the door to my bedroom, mascara wand in hand and a black mess all over her lips.

Initially I was all Why would anyone eat mascara?!!! But after thinking about it a little more, I’ve decided she wasn’t trying to eat it. She might have tasted it initially, but there was no black in her mouth. It was all around her lips, which leads me to believe she thought she had scored herself a lip gloss wand and was getting all fancy like her sister.

Fun tip: waterproof mascara is not so easy to remove from toddler lips. After various methods of removal failed, I ended up rubbing Burt’s Bees baby oil all over her mouth. Samantha could not stop laughing.

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  1. Oh she is a sneaky one! And of course it was waterproof mascara. She has such beautiful eyes!
    Here is hoping next week is more calm for you 🙂

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