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mom diary: float or sink chart

Wednesday was my designated day to get things done this week. And then the snow came, so of course that was scrapped. Samantha was home and looking for activities to do by 8 o’clock.

The first thing she decided she needed to do was make a float or sink chart. Yeah, that’s right. The kid has a day off from school and the first thing she wants to do is a science experiment. I’m cool with that.

So we put down some paper towels (although I’m not sure why. The table got soaked anyway), filled tupperware with water, and collected some toys. Next she made a little chart with three columns: object, prediction, and result (she’s very fancy and serious).

She thoroughly enjoyed it and then splashed around in the water before the next “Moooooom? What can I dooooo?”

diary of a mom: blanket fort

Another must-do for the day was a blanket fort. Ellie was very excited about it. We built it in front of the TV so they could watch a movie while I made lunch. They cuddled up in there together with some pillows and blankets.

Ellie was… shall we say less than thrilled? when I said it was time for her lunch and she had to get into her high chair (I was not about to let her eat soup without being tied down). Among other things she yelled at me was “NO! Bubba yap, kaaaay?” Which roughly translates to “No! I want to sit in Samantha’s lap, okay?” Although her version of okay was more like a a demand than a question. While adorable, she did not get her wish.

mom diary: ellie smash

Later in the day, after the girls played in the snow and made a mess with Play Doh and pretty much everything else in the house, my husband came home from work with Hulk hands. Just what an over-tired nearly-two year old needs.

Ellie was pretty excited about them, so my husband made sure to get a picture of her. The result is pretty much the best description of Ellie ever. First of all, my husband’s caption for this picture when he put it up on Instagram was “Ellie smash.” Um, spot on.

But there’s also the blurriness, the hair in the face, the big grin, the food-stained shirt, the little belly hanging out, and the mess in the background. All quintessential Ellie.

mom diary: toddler officemate

On Thursday, Sam returned to school and I returned to trying to be productive. Only a certain toddler was extra clingy and went from sitting between me and the computer giving me big squeezy hugs and laying in my “yap” with her chunky monkey feet on the keyboard.

Needless to say there was a lot more snuggling than productivity.

mom diary: niece cheeks

That afternoon my sister came over for lunch and brought this face with her. The cheeks and drooly lips are almost too much to handle. And this picture doesn’t show it very well, but my little Livvie (or as Ellie says, Yivvie) is one of the happiest babies I ever did see.

mom diary: cousins

Ellie loves her cousin. She likes to hug her and rub her bald head and smush their cheeks together. She also likes to giggle at her little baby toes and say “Yiiiivvvie” as lovingly as humanly possible (that last part, by the way, just started yesterday when she said her name for the first time. Now she doesn’t  want to stop).

mom diary: you fancy, huh?

When my sister and Liv left, Ellie decided to get all fancy. This picture makes me laugh because it shows how different my girls are.

If Sam wanted to put some jewels on she would have carefully sifted through the bucket, taking out the pieces she wanted one at a time. Ellie, on the other hand, dumped all of the buckets on the floor (even the ones she didn’t need) and pulled wildly through the pile, shaking things and making a general commotion.

I happen to find both methods pretty stinking cute. And I’m not biased or anything.

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