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diary of a mom: pizza

Last weekend was party central. We started out on Friday with our friend Benny’s 3rd birthday party at Jumpin’ Jeepers, which is basically a big (and somehow clean!) indoor play gym. The kids had a blast and this shot was the only one I could get where either one of them was sitting still.

In case you can’t tell, Ellieย really likes “pizzy.” She ate her whole slice–and Sam’s too! As soon as she was done she was up and running around in circles again, making sure I got my workout for the evening.

diary of a mom: wild things

The next day we headed to my sister’s forย two parties. First was my nephew Jack’s kids party. My sister set up some games and a cute little hot chocolate bar outside for the kids (this was before the deep freeze moved in). They ran around like lunatics and then came inside where she fed them pizza, let them make their own ice cream sundaes and followed it all up with cupcakes and a cookie cake. Needless to say, they were bouncing off her walls and beating each other with balloons while having the best time ever.

After she got rid of the non-family wild things, we had a family birthday party for the newly minted six-year old. The kids were still high on sugar and had a blast wrestling with Uncle Tommy. He’s wrangling two wild things here while a third (Miss Samantha) is hiding in the shadows waiting to hit him in the head with a big stuffed Little Mermaid doll.

diary of a mom: sister sleepover

The next day Tim’s old roommate and his girlfriend came up from Brooklyn to visit. Sam had a lot of fun making them play Strawberry Shortcake (endlessly) and performing magic tricks for them. She was seriously impressed with her performance. She even whispered her amazing secrets to me after they left–you know, in case I’m ever in the position to razzle dazzle anyone with some magic.

After a whirlwind weekend, my sweet ladies passed out in a cuddly lump on Samantha’s bed. Sister sleepovers are their new favorite thing.

diary of a mom: daredevil

Monday morning started like this. That, my friends, is how you know it’s going to be a doozy of a day. My little wild thing stood herself all the way up and yelled “I stuck!”

Most of her energy was expelled running around Barnes and Noble during story time that afternoon. At one point she even found a toy guitar (well, she actually found two) and totally rocked out (while stories were being told, of course).

diary of a mom: dinner party

Ellie wasn’t feeling so hot on Wednesday and I was starting to fear the flu, but she perked right up when it was dinner time and I let her sit down with Samantha instead of in her high chair. She felt like a big girl eating her chicken nuggets with her big sister.

diary of a mom: hard at work

She still wasn’t a hundred percent yesterday, but she definitely felt well enough to cause a ruckus. It started with a little coloring and sticker action that resulted in that little case of toddler crayons and markers being thrown all over the floor.

(By the way, I can’t get over how much she looks like her sister at this age here.)

diary of a mom: dumpster

Next up was emptying all of her toys before stacking the bins they were in all nice and neat on the floor. I’m glad she stopped there. Earlier in the week she emptied the bins, the bookshelves, and her sister’s meticulously organized DVD collection.

diary of a mom: messy face

And, of course, no Ellie ruckus is complete without making some sort of mess with food. She thoroughly enjoyed the soup she had for lunch (so much so that she seemed to have to roll around in it) and continued her nosh fest by devouring an apple.

And don’t worry, she made sure to spit all of the apple skin on the floor in case I needed something new to clean up ๐Ÿ˜‰

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