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mom diary: man fights bear

mom diary: man fights bearThis week my hubs got old. He may still look like a scruffy-faced college-aged lad but he hit the big 3-0 on Tuesday. I will continue to tease the old man about his age until March, when I join him and thirty becomes glamorous and fantastic. For now I’ll just make sure to ask the geezer how it feels to have a wife in her twenties as often as I can remember. (For all my over-thirty ladies, I joke, obviously. I just enjoy teasing the old fogy)

This, by the way, is a shot of him wearing a Sharp Shirter shirt I won him from a parenting BY dummies giveaway. I kind of love it and I love Amanda too (she was on What Not to Wear, which is one of my favorites). Check out her blog!

mom diary: birthday songThe birthday boy’s day started with a serenade from Samantha. She had written him a song in her little journal earlier in the week and “practiced” a few times before her big debut. Needless to say, she got a thundering round of applause–and a “Yaaaay Bubba!” from her sister.

mom diary: sequinsWe ended the day with dinner at a not-so fancy Asian fusion place. The ladies and I decided that it didn’t matter how fancy the place was. Birthdays require sequins.

I found a fab blue sequin skater dress at Marshall’s for $10 (!) and decided it was a must. I belted a sweater over it to try and tone it down a little, but the girls and I were seriously sparkletastic.

mom diary: fibber

In non-birthday news, we played a mean game of Fibber at my in-laws this weekend. The best part is definitely the growing nose each time you get caught bluffing. I’m pretty sure Sam’s strategy quickly became “Lie as often as possible to see how many of these things I can hold on my face.”

mom diary: candlesticksI love this one. Ellie has always wanted to be able to do whatever it is her big sister does. Now that she’s more able to do that, she goes at it with a fierce enthusiasm. Samantha’s sitting on the table? Ellie’s going to dance on it! Samantha’s jumping on the bed? Ellie’s going to do a belly flop. Samantha’s doing candlesticks in the middle of the living room floor? You better believe Ellie’s going to drop everything and join her.

mom diary: candlesticksHere’s another example of exactly what I mean. If Sam is doing a bubble wrap dance, Ellie will certainly be in on the action.

Right now it’s not so much a competition thing as an enjoying her big sister’s squeals of approval thing. I hope it stays like this. I love watching these two muffins love on each other.

How was your week?

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  1. I’m jealous! I have a birthday coming up on March 2 and I think I’ll rewind four years and turn 30 again!

    The girls look so sweet playing together. I love when my children play nicely together!

  2. Awww love this week’s instagram Jen!! Hahaa happy birthday to your hubby – his shirt is in denial of his age :p and well, soon it’ll be your fabulous 30 too!! And you’re so right about sequins, because well, they demand some fun when ladies go out 😉 Such cute girls you have Jen, they look incredibly happy – I love how your Samantha plays the guitar like a cello/double bass haha!!

  3. I remember being in my 20’s…it wasn’t that long ago, but you’re right, the 30’s are definitely geezer territory! I miss being able to say, “I’m twenty-whatever.” Enjoy it–and keep teasing us over 30-geezers. I used to do the exact same thing! It’s what I get. 🙂

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