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mom diary: sunshine award

mom diary: sunshine awardWhen you’re having a less than stellar day, there’s nothing quite like sorting through your baby’s school folder and finding this. From the handwriting and misspelling to the coloring job, I melted into a big old pile of mush.

Little things like this are what give you some perspective and open your eyes to what really diary: livvie toesMy mom, sister, and niece came over for lunch last week. Apparently, lunch for Livvie includes toes. Poor little muffin is teething like crazy right now and will resort to chomping her little toes if necessary. Ellie thought it was hysterical.

mom diary: green smoothieAfter blowing a fuse or the motor or something on my old Cuisnart blender, my smoothie consumption has been nonexistent. That is until I used a gift card from Christmas to pick up a Ninja blender.  I’m in love (except for the fact that it doesn’t fit into the top rack of my dishwasher. Boooo).

My husband got up early with the girls one day this week and greeted me with this delicious beauty when I woke up. Fruits and spinach and kale, oh my!

I’m hoping to have a post filled with some delicious smoothie recipes up next week!

mom diary: chocolate poutThis one makes me laugh. If you look closely, Ellie’s little face is pouting behind that chair. Why? Because she had moved the chair in front of the refrigerator to reach up top and grab some chocolate leftover from the birthday parties a couple of weeks ago. When I told her that she couldn’t have any more, she greeted me with a dramatic pouty face in an attempt at manipulation.

She lost, but the cuteness was pretty unbearable.

mom diary: apple happyLast but not least, I had to include this little cheese face. She’s loving apples lately (except for the skin, which she spits out everywhere). Don’t you just want to take a bite out of those big fat cheeks?

One last thing: Did you know I have a Facebook page? Come check it out for pictures you haven’t seen (like Ellie covered in her smoothie), discussions on really important things (like your favorite 90s TV shows), and links to my favorite posts from around the internets.

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