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mom diary: bear hugsI’m sure you’ve heard enough about Valentine’s Day at this point, but that’s not about to stop me from sharing Sam’s finished valentines. Remember the bear hugs valentine DIY I shared last week? Well, this is what the backs looked like after Sams was finished with them.

When she was done with that she insisted on making individual cards for all of the kids in her class and on her bus so that she could tell them they were the best friends ever and she loves them. I just want to squeeze her.

mom diary: valentines lunch

I made a little heart-shaped sandwich for her lunch because I knew she would appreciate it. We’re both cut from the same incredibly sentimental cloth and little gestures like these mean a lot to us.

Aside from some V-Day love, it’s been a pretty craptastic week. I won’t bore you with the details, but little gestures go much further during a crummy week.

mom diary: curtain twirlingThis week my girls have been absolutely obsessed with the sheer curtains we have in the dining room (well, it’s more like a window scarf that hangs loosely from two hooks which allows for much more movement). Samantha spent what felt like hours the other day twirling the curtains and singing and dancing with them and pretending she was a princess in her very own dressing room.

Of course, when Sam’s obsessed Ellie is too. They’ve been pulling them down a little and pretending to take a nap on a bed of pillows covered by the sheer fabric. I love catching them cuddled up pretending to snore under there.

mom diary: life is messyHere’s one of Ellie being Ellie. Possibly more amusing than the mess she made (it was soup, if you were wondering) are the two socks on the windowsill in the background. Those were Sam’s socks from the day before, which totally proves I can’t always manage to practice what I preach.

mom diary: doctor samThis is another game my girls have been loving to play a lot recently (same pajamas, different day). Sam got a big doctor kit for Christmas and they like to trade off being doctors. Ellie loves checking eyes (she has a small obsession with them) while Sam likes to solve strange illnesses. Yesterday Ellie’s cheeks didn’t pass the all-important squishy test.

mom diary: true loveMy husband got home early one day during what was a really rough week at work and this was just what he needed. Ellie snuggles can cure just about anything.

mom diary: pastelsLast but not least, I’m so sick of winter. Between school closings and delayed openings, bitter cold and the raw hands it produces, and slushy gross messes everywhere we go, I’ve had enough!

Since the groundhog doesn’t seem to have come through, I took it upon myself to wear pastels in hopes of forcing winter into submission. Weird face aside, I hope it works.

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  1. Yes, I am so ready for spring! Do your kids have Monday off? I really hate school holidays. Sorry you had a craptastic week tho – hopefully the weekend will be better!

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