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mom diary: father daughter danceThis Sunday was Samantha’s first father-daughter dance for Girl Scouts. The anticipation for this little event was adorably out of control. It was decided that she had to wear her flower girl dress from my sister’s wedding (when she was three!). She also had me do her hair in a bun (major for a girl who doesn’t want her hair touched ever) and do her makeup, complete with glittery eye shadow and lip liner. We cleaned daddy up too.

Sam had a blast dancing with her friends and taking pictures of everything with Tim’s phone. Antisocial daddy had slightly less fun 😉

mom diary: pretzel dateOn Tuesday Ellie and I had a catch up date with my friend Meg and her littlest one while the big kids were in school. The little ladies enjoyed some pretzel and ran around the mall a bit.

You can’t tell very clearly from this picture, but Miss Elyssa is becoming quite the chatterbox. Her hand is out like that because she’s gesturing and trying to say something very important to Carrie–probably something along the lines of “Bubba schooool!” It’s very important to her that everyone knows where her big sister is at all times.

mom diary: foot lickerThis picture makes me crack up every time I look at it. It’s the view I got when I pulled into the driveway after a grocery shopping trip. Ellie had taken off her hat, boots and socks and was licking her toes pretty enthusiastically. When I burst out laughing and asked her what she was doing she stopped for a second, smiled and said “Fuzzy!” before she went right back to licking.

I love that kid.

mom diary: cuddlesAs wild and crazy as this girl can be, she is the best cuddler. I try to remember to soak up these little moments as much as possible before she’s too big to want to snuggle up to her momma.

mom diary: throwbackOne more for this week and it’s an oldie!

I can’t get over how much Ellie looks like Sam in this old picture. My husband and I always say that looking at Ellie is like a weird time capsule. The girls have two completely different personalities but they look so much alike. Any time I run into someone who knew Sam when she was little, they’re shocked at how much the little bean looks like her big sister.

That little guy with her is my nephew Jack, who also has a mini look alike in his little sister.

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  1. The one with the strollers, looks like they are having a pretty intense discussion. Maybe Ellie is sharing the joys of toe licking. She makes a pretty convincing argument for it from what I can tell:).

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