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mom diary: more messI was really bad at taking pictures this week (this one is actually from my husband’s Instagram account). I guess that’s alright though because most of my week looked exactly like this.

Ellie is pretty much a mess making queen (I realize this is not exactly news). Soup and smoothies are two of her favorite things–and she loves to smush them around just as much as she likes to eat them.

mom diary: big messmom diary: smoothie feetWhether she’s squishing it around on her tray or rubbing it on her feet (to lick later?) doesn’t really matter. She makes a huge mess. On more than one occasion this week she had to go straight from the high chair to the sink or tub and then get changed into a completely new outfit.

If there’s one thing I love about our ugly dining room set, it’s that it was free (I love you, Freecycle)! At least I don’t have to worry about this girl destroying furniture we paid good money for.

mom diary: magazinesOne last picture for this week (I promise I’ll be better next week!). I can’t stand how big my girl is getting. There’s something about seeing her sitting there, engrossed in a magazine (even if it’s just the Official Strawberry Shortcake magazine) that’s almost too much for me.

How did she get so big so fast?!

#encouragebeauty calendar

I also want to tell you real quick about a great project Anna at In Honor of Design and Hilary  of Dean Street Society are doing in March. It’s called #EncourageBeauty and is basically a commitment to do just that–encourage beauty–in one person each day this month. Whether it’s a compliment or a note to an old friend doesn’t really matter. The point is just to encourage and uplift the people around you–and I love it!

I mean really. How often do we think something nice about someone and just keep it locked up inside our heads? Something so small and simple that really could have the potential to turn around their entire day (or week!). What if we let it out?

I think this is an amazing idea and I hope you give it a try too!

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  1. I am so, so, so, so, so, so glad that my kids aren’t the only one’s in the world whose food ends up on the floor. Seriously, it’s like my kids think their bowls are troughs and they just slosh their faces around in it! It gets everywhere! And whenever I go to other people’s houses, they’re floors and chairs are immaculate! How is this possible?! Tell me the secreeeeet!

    BTW, that IS an amazing project, and I totes want in on that. Will definitely check it out!

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