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mom diary sleepyheadThis face. I love it. My (nearly two-year old!) baby bean may be a messy little wild thing but she also happens to be a first class snuggler. She wraps her chunky little fingers around your neck and squeezes so tight that everything is automatically alright.

mom diary kitty snugglesAnd she hugs everything. She’s a big fan of hugging our poor, dopey cat. Luckily for all of us (but especially for him) Iggy’s too sweet–or too dumb, we’re not one hundred percent sure which–to mind much. Any time she catches sight of him she wants to “nuggle” and puts him in what is much closer to a headlock than a hug.

mom diary monkeyWhen she wasn’t busy snuggling, she found plenty of trouble to get herself into this week. This is the sight I was greeted by when I turned around in the middle of making our lunches one afternoon. She decided she wanted a banana so she peeled herself two.

mom diary baking pom pomsI wasn’t worried by her silence at all because I thought she was still in the middle of the very important task of putting pom poms into our mixer, making a whirring sound to mix them up, taking them out, and starting all over again.

She’s a big fan of filling and emptying things right now.

mom diary workout buddyIn big buddy news, Sams has been my workout partner this week. I’ve decided to get some use out of the dusty old stationery bike in our basement and she joins me on her Smart Cycle (this is the newer version of the Smart Cycle she has, if you’re interested).

If we’re not doing that she likes doing squats and making me do a full round of the exercises she does in gym class. I’m thinking today we might try to tackle a workout video.

shamrocksI teased a shot of these shamrocks on Instagram last week, thinking I’d post my tutorial on making shamrock garland for St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately this was the only decent shot I could get thanks to the gloomy weather we’ve been having here in New York.

Still, it’s pretty easy. I used a heart hole puncher on green construction paper, glued the hearts into shamrock shapes, and then added little stems with my paper scraps. All that was left from there was hot gluing my shamrocks to some string and hanging them in my window.

We may be breaking out more green construction paper for St. Patrick’s Day crafts today. Sam has a snow day and was bored by 8:30 this morning…

mom diary cadbury eggAnd finally, why do Cadbury Creme Eggs have to be so delicious? My husband finds them disgusting (yeah, I think he might be an alien) but the girls and I beg to differ. Sam was eating one yesterday and said “Mom, this might sound crazy but I think I like the inside of these even more than I like the chocolate!” She’s definitely my child.

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  1. I remember those smart cycle things. I think #1 used to have one actually. Also, I wanted to ask you if you are doing Weight Watchers to lose weight (I think I recall you saying you were)?

    1. I am! Although, I’m not doing it the “real” way. I’m too cheap so I’ve been looking everything up online. I just hit a rut so I’m trying to work out and drink more water. I wanted to ring in the big 3-0 at my goal weight, but that’s not happening. Close but not quite!

  2. The snuggle picture reminds me of holding a little one. So nice!! Also nice to have them quiet for a little while. I think it’s great that you have such a helpful exercise partner. She sounds like a real little motivator! Tell her I am jealous, I need someone like her around.

    Just stopped by from Harvest of Friends.

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