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mom diary: she's craftyIt may be March but we’re still dealing with snow days. Last Friday we got a freak storm that dumped a couple of inches on us and closed schools. Translation: Samantha was bored and whining about it by 8:30 on a day that I had a ton of freelance work to do.

So the girls did some crafty work at the dining room table while mommy did some “boring work” next to them–until we decided to scrap it all for a yoga party.

mom diary: yogaSamantha is now a woman obsessed.

I found this great yoga series on the fitness channel on our Roku. The instructor does a really good job of talking you through each of the steps in a way that actually makes sense to beginners. It starts out with foundations and has a bunch of different episodes so we’re doing different things each day. We’re a little in love.

And it’s given Miss Thing a whole new category to boss people around in. I can’t tell you how many times we’ll be doing a video and she’ll look at me and say “Mom. She said to turn and look at your other foot.”

mom diary: st patricks day paradeAfter all the snow (and yoga) on Friday, Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. So beautiful that most of the snow melted. So beautiful that we didn’t freeze our butts off at the local St. Patrick’s Day parade.

mom diary: parade

Sam and her little Girl Scout friends marched in it this year, all decked out in green hair and beads. She thought she was pretty hot stuff. I just wish I could have gotten video of Ellie when she saw her big sister out there. Excitement doesn’t even begin to cut it!

mom diary: riverThe gorgeous weather continued on Sunday. The girls and I went to Barnes and Noble with my mom for some snacks and book reading and then we decided to head down to the river for a bit.

There’s really nothing like a gorgeous day and a gorgeous view to push you into a positive frame of mind.

We’ve decided we need a lot more of the river once the weather decides to stay nice: picnics and playgrounds and sunsets for sure.

mom diary: diaper changeOn a totally unrelated note, this happened this week.

Like her sister, Ellie is really maternal. She loves to baby everything from her big sister and the cat to her smallest little figures. The other day, she decided her baby was really stinky and needed a new diaper.

I’m thinking that once you know exactly how to change a diaper you should maybe be out of them. She’s not even two yet (I can say that for 9 more days so just let me, ok?) so I’m not forcing the issue, but it’s definitely time to at least talk to her about it more often… and maybe start storing the wipes a little bit higher.

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