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mom diary: pancakes

mom diary: pancakesMy girls are big fans of chocolate chip pancakes. Seeing how they don’t eat syrup (can you imagine if I gave Ellie syrup?!!), I think a little dose of chocolate in their pancakes is ok. Ellie, however, has gotten pretty crafty about it.

Take a closer look at that picture. Do you see those dark spots that look like they could be chocolate chips at first glance? Yeah, those are holes where chocolate chips once lived. Why? Because my girl has taken to asking for pancakes, eating all of the chocolate chips and yelling “All dooooooone!”

mom diary: baby yogaOn the yoga front, we’ve still been going strong… sort of. There have been a few days where squeezing in our video hasn’t worked out (or Sam “isn’t feeling it”). I’m hoping to get back on track next week while Sam is on spring break and our days are more wide open.

The scene above is what inevitably happens when momma tries to do a floor pose. Ellie finds it hysterical and runs over to hug me and climb me like a jungle gym.

mom diary: little leprechaunSam was seriously into St. Patrick’s Day this year. She absolutely had to wear an entirely green outfit. Her “greenish-bluish” pants were a major disappointment, as was the lack of green shoes in her extensive collection.

She was horrified to find out one of her friends doesn’t celebrate the day. I’m not exactly sure what she thinks one does to celebrate it since all we did was wear some green, but she thought it was the saddest thing ever that her friend was missing out.

mom diary: snow dayIt’s still snowing here, with more in the forecast for Monday. I really have nothing left to say about it–except that I sort of hate each and every one of you who is showing off pictures of bare legs and short sleeves. And those of you with beach photos? Yeah, you can bite me.

mom diary: baby loveEllie and I went to birthday brunch with my friend Aimee and her little guy yesterday. Ellie got some solid baby time in. She thinks Quinten is pretty darn adorable and couldn’t get enough hugs. My favorite parts were the fact that she calls him “man” (as in, she pointed to his shoes and said “I like shoes, man” and when we were leaving she said “Bye man!”) and that when he turned his head she would grab his little face to make him look at her.

So much sweetness!

mom diary: monster babyThis last shot is a few weeks old, but when I went digging through my husband’s Instagram to see if he had any good shots from the week I couldn’t resist including it. It pretty much captures Ellie to a tee. When she’s into something, the girl is all in.

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