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mom diary: birthday girl

mom diary: birthday girlWell. My baby turned two. Two years of that mischievous look in her pretty blue eyes and two years of the best hugs ever. It’s so strange because I can’t for the life of me think of what we did before her (rested more, for one, and had much less of a mess to clean up), yet I can’t believe she could possibly be old enough for two candles.

We had family come over for a little party last Saturday. It was nowhere near as crafty as my Pinterest party board would lead you to expect. I had big ideas of making a bunch of Minnie Mouse decorations, but I settled for a store-bought banner and some balloons.

mom diary: Mickey cupcakeI did manage to make some cupcakes that resembled Mickey though. The plan had been to add little pink bows to turn them into Minnie cupcakes, but there was so little space and so little time. Since she won’t remember any of it, I let it go.

mom diary: sleepy headThe little party animal was so excited about her “happy day,” she refused to nap. But all that excitement caught up with her during her party when she passed out on daddy’s shoulder.

Cue a major melt fest from Mister Cool as a Cucumber. While he remained relatively calm and even (as per always), I saw that glimmer in his eyes that said “I AM MUSH!”

mom diary: scientistThe next morning Sam was all “I’m bored.” I mean, duh. Day two of Spring Break and day one involved a party. If she was anything but bored I would have had to call the doctor.

Luckily, my mother-in-law had given us a bunch of these water bead things. They’re these tiny little beads that expand into balls when you put them in water. You use them to water plants (I think?). Sam, who is all into science and experiments and charts, sat there for almost an hour recording all of the changes that happened to the beads. My girl is nothing if not thorough!

mom diary: Ellie ice creammom diary: ice cream dazeThe next day the girls and I headed to Friendlys for a birthday lunch. I’m not exactly sure when we started this tradition, but for the last few years we’ve used birthdays as an excuse for a Friendlys date. Sam swears they make the best grilled cheese on the planet (“I even eat the crust, mom!”) and we’re all big fans of the ice cream, as you can tell.

Ellie fed herself that entire dish and (miraculously!) did not end up a filthy mess. The only bits that dribbled onto her shirt came when she took a too big mouthful and got brain freeze. Sam stared into space in a daze most of the time, thoroughly enjoying her cone.

We also played a lot of Mad Libs while Ellie sang and entertained the people around us.

mom diary: slideIt’s been warm enough this week where we’ve been able to venture out to the park a couple of times. And by warm enough, I mean the temperatures were almost fifty but the wind made it feel colder (where are you spring?!). The girls had an absolutely blast though.

We brought Sam’s scooter and they both hopped on it a few times, we did a few laps around the track at Sam’s school and they went down the slide about a gazillion times each. Ellie yelled “One more time!” each and every time she made a mad dash for the steps.

mom diary: sleepy beanAll that fresh air and running left my newly minted two year old absolutely exhausted. She passed out in her high chair at five o’clock without taking a bite out of her sandwich.

My favorite part of this picture, by the way, is her hands on her little Buddha belly. It doesn’t get any cuter.

Big sister was standing right next to me as I took this shot, taking a picture of her own. And I have to say: there really is no better feeling than watching your babies when they’re madly in love with each other.

Check back next week for even more photos from our spring break and a fun new series!

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