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mom diary: lollipop

mom diary: lollipopEllie learned that she reeeeally likes lollipops this week. Hubs took the girls grocery shopping so I could go on a hardcore cleaning binge (oh heeeeeey, lemons) and he’s a sucker so he got each of the girls the most enormous lollipops in the history of ever.

True to form, Ellie ate hers quickly (and excitedly, as you can see) while Samantha’s lasted a day or two.

Also–how cute is that palm tree ponytail?!mom diary: no sleep pout

Ellie and I participated in what can only be described as Sleep Wars this week. This is the pout she has perfected for when she wants no part of sleep (even though she desperately needs it).

When she’s not pouting, she’s trying to make me laugh so that she wins. When I was trying to get her to nap yesterday she got all snuggled up to me and then shot up and said “Wait one minute!” wagging her little index finger in the air menacingly. How can I not laugh at that? Needless to say, any hope of a nap ended right there.

mom diary: sleep!That’s not to say she didn’t get any sleep. She just prefers it to be on me, with the remnants of Tagalongs all over her mouth when it’s dangerously late in the afternoon.

I look really upset about the snuggle fest though, don’t I?

mom diary: hard at workAside from fighting over sleep and eating way too many sweets (thank god Girl Scout cookies are only on sale once a year), we’ve been sneaking over to my mom’s to do manual labor.

Samantha got dangerously good with a wheelbarrow. The only thing is, immediately after mastering it she lost all interest and continued her obsession with sidewalk chalk.

mom diary: wild thingWhile big sister and I were hard at work, Ellie was more interested in picking “fwowers.” She always makes sure she has two: one for her and one for her sister. She also makes sure to ‘mell them and then yell out. “Oooooh! Fwowers ‘mell gooooood!”

Samantha and I can’t get enough of it (or her!).

mom dairy: ellie monsterWhen Ellie isn’t being a sweet and caring little sister who refuses to sleep, she is the Ellie Monster. Yesterday she picked up a pair of tongs from their play kitchen and started chasing me around the house with them, pinching my butt and yelling “I got you butt!” She thought it was the absolute funniest thing a human being could consider doing. I might agree.

mom dairy: reading in buckets

She is also still in love with sitting in bins. I brought up a big Rubbermaid bin from the basement to pack away her cold weather clothes and left it in her room until the warm weather stuff is done in the dryer.

I heard her talking to herself in her room while I was folding laundry and this is how I found her: “reading” a book in a bin. What a crazy lady.

mom diary: learning banquetLast but not least, today was Learning Banquet day at school. They celebrate all of the hard work the kids have done this year and set up a “banquet” in the gym–including teachers and moms dressed as waiters in all black and white with white gloves and a DJ for dancing during recess. The kids get really excited about it and are encouraged to dress all fancy.

Samantha has been talking about this for weeeeeks! She wore her new glittery dress, a tiara, and heels (lord save me) and made sure I did her hair so she looked like a princess. She also had to wear lip gloss (obvi).

The cuteness is kind of unbearable, isn’t it?

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  1. WARNING: This post contains intolerable amounts of cute.
    I used to ship my kid off to clean too. It always seemed that whatever I cleaned he’d be right behind me slathering whatever on the walls. Now he does that over a period of time.
    Did you know that yesterday was Star Wars Day. Quite fitting for the little miss 🙂
    And send that girl to my house. We have lots of yard work to do. I’ll buy her a bigger sucker.

    1. She drives a tough bargain, that one. She’d accept the lollipop, but she would require the promise of a few coins before she shook on it. You know, for her Disney fund.

    1. Haha! Thanks Stephanie. Yeah, it’s a problem when The Enforcer caves to them almost as easily as I do!

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