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mom diary: mirror mirror

mom diary: mirror mirrorI love this picture. We went out to my in-laws’ house in Long Island for Easter last weekend. Sam decided to get herself all fancy since the skirt and tights I brought for her to wear are suddenly too small and she had to settle for yoga pants (which even in six-year old circles are decidedly unfancy). Fancy means some lip gloss, sparkly eye shadow, and rubbing powder all over your face with big brushes.

The little bean saw this in action and decided she would absolutely not miss out on the process. I handed her a brush and she watched her sister veeeeery closely so that she could mimic every last movement.

mom diary: bridgeWe also squeezed in another playground run before spring break was over. It’s so funny to watch Ellie conquer things at the playground. She is so different from her sister.

It took Sam forever to go over bridges like this one. She thought about it so much which gave it power and made her more afraid (she’s like her momma). Ellie tackles things head first like a bull, not stopping to consider anything. She knows what she wants and she just goes for it without thinking (like her daddy).

mom diary: climberSince there are no bridges to tackle at home, she settles for climbing just about any surface in the house that can be climbed. This week her favorite is tables. She prefers sitting on the table next to the couch rather than sitting on the couch (I caught her mid-pouty lipped reply when I told her to get down). She also prefers laying across the coffee table on her belly over sitting in her chair right next to it.

My favorite climbing moment of the week had to be when my sister was over. Ellie put her chair on top of the coffee table because she’s getting into that possessive this is mine and my baby cousin better not even dream of touching it mode that’s so fun. Well, of course, my sister and I turn around for a second and Ellie was (smugly) sitting on the chair on top of the table.

mom diary: sleep monsterThe girl is lucky she’s so darn adorable. Those cheeks. Who could resist those cheeks?!

I have a raging sinus infection and seriously needed a nap yesterday afternoon. Ellie did too, but she was not about to admit it. She fought me fiercely, but eventually fell asleep after angrily flopping around and putting a pillow over her face. It took everything I had not to laugh out loud when I woke up to this sight.

mom diary: locks of loveRemember that post I did about a month ago on the choppy bobs I was considering? Well I finally got my hair cut. And I really didn’t realize how long my hair was. There was more than enough for the ten inches needed to donate to Locks of Love. I guess that’s what happens when a year and a half goes by without so much as a trim.

Anyway, I got it cut to just above the shoulders with layers that make it as low maintenance as possible (holler!). It’s a combo of the Karlie Kloss and the Keri Russell that I showed in that post, for anyone keeping score (I know you are). I’ll give a look at the before and afters next week (when my face feels more like a face and less like a big swollen mass).

My sister compared this shot to a horse’s tail. Anyone who knows me or has even skimmed my post on horses, know that I don’t like the beasts (for some reason internet trolls really like horses and like to try to make me feel bad about my distaste for them. Sorry suckers. You can type at me until you’re blue in the face (finger?). You’re not going to change my mind. Even when you try to skew things to make me look like a bad mom because I don’t like the animals). If it looks like a horse’s tail when cut, it must’ve looked like one on my head. I couldn’t love this haircut more!

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  1. OMG that picture of the girls in front of the mirror is priceless. I can’t wait to see your new ‘do!! I’m getting mine cut tomorrow and have been thinking about the Karlie Kloss bob you introduced me to but I’m not sure I’m brave enough. We’ll see…

    1. Do it! My hairstylist talked me out of going with a straight Karlie Kloss because my hair is thicker and more coarse than hers. She said I’d end up with the dreaded bell effect. So I opened up my Pinterest and she said the Keri Russell would help. Lol. Life lesson: pull out Pinterest everywhere!

      Can’t wait to see what you end up with!!!

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