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mom diary: sick babyWe’ve got the ick. Well, we had it. For the last couple of weeks our house has been infested with a gross, knock-you-out respiratory thing. For my husband and I, it ended in nasty sinus infections. The little baby bean was lucky enough to get strep on top of it. Somehow Sam managed to stay ick free this time.

mom diary: sick baby cuddlesThe only positive to come out of it? Lots of extra cuddle time. Ellie is a cuddly little monster in the first place, but when she doesn’t feel good all she wants to do is wrap herself around her momma, nuzzle her face in my neck, and stay there until the yuckiness goes away.

Even though I fell a little behind in my work load, it was nice. Especially since she’s been all about daddy all of the time lately. Take that, husband!

mom diary: spring strollLuckily it got warm this week. I not only got to open all of the windows and air out our sick ward, but I got my little bean out for some fresh air. We went to a local park and did some serious walking–more serious than I was anticipating, actually. I hadn’t planned on grocery shopping afterwards while red-faced and sweaty. Eighty degree weather when we’re used to forty degrees plus warm sunshine and pushing thirty pounds of baby up hills will do that to you.

Ellie was thrilled. She waved to all of the puppies that were out and took off her socks and shoes so her toes could enjoy the breeze.

mom diary: who needs a doorWhen she was feeling a little better the girls got some outside play time in. While Sam set up her bird feeder and played in some dirt (don’t tell her I called it that. She was getting the soil ready. There is a definite distinction), Ellie had fun climbing in and out of their little playhouse.

mom diary: workOnce everyone was feeling better, Momma had to get serious about catching up on work. Lately that includes comfy slippers and big cups of green tea. I would prefer it if it didn’t include the loads of technical difficulties that have been getting in my way recently.

I’m thinking it’s time to get break down and get a new laptop. Suggestions would be awesome!

mom diary: apple peanut butter coconutAlong with green tea, this little concoction right here has been a staple in my diet recently. It’s my new breakfast obsession: an apple with peanut butter and shredded coconut. So. freakin. good!

mom diary: hair cutLast but not least, here’s the hair update for everyone who was asking (ignore the dumb face in the before shot, thanks)! Between it curling up and the fact that I just threw it up without giving it any thought, I really didn’t realize how long my hair was.

With 10+ inches gone I’m feeling lighter and freer and loving the fact that this new look is pretty much as low maintenance as it comes. All I did the day I took this shot was put some anti-frizz creme in when I got out of the shower and tamed my bangs with the blow dryer. Um, I’ll take it!

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